[Story] I Am Engaged – Episode 10 and Episode 11 (The End)

(The Price of Vengeance) (Episode 10)

My heart bled at that moment. Tears cascaded down my cheeks as I stared at Alex holding the engagement ring in his hands. These were not tears of Joy, but tears of regret. Regret for the things I had just done, and for the action I had stupidly taken.
I was twenty seven and still single and searching. All my life I had searched for a good man. A man I will love and would love me back. I have dreamt of a moment when a ring will be placed on my fingers by a man who adores me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me.
That was the reason I hanged on with Dayo in the first place. That was the major reason I dated him and endured every thing in our relationship. Even when he never proposed to me, I still held on patiently hoping that a day will come when he would propose to me with a ring in his hands, just the way Alex had done.
But after everything – after dating Dayo for five years, our relationship came to an abrupt end, and all my hopes and dreams of ever getting married, or experiencing such proposal moments was crashed.
“Kemi please accept my ring. Please.” Alex pleaded.
I didn’t know how to start telling Alex what I had just finished doing. How do I tell him that I had just finished sleeping with a general to get revenge after thinking he had taken advantage of me, by sleeping with me?
How do I explain myself to Alex? How do I tell him that my crave for revenge had led me into taking a stupid decision that would hurt three people that I loved dearly – three people that had betrayed me.
I was still staring at Alex with tears in my eyes, when Temi’s car sped from the distance and parked right close to Alex car. She alighted from the car and shut the door angrily.
“You betrayer.” She shouted.
“After all I did for you? After all the sacrifices I made for you? After all our years of friendship? You stood so low to go and gossip me to the General? Kemi you? My only friend? I thought we were friends? I never knew you were envious of me. I never knew.”
“Who is envious here?” I shouted angrily.
Alex stood up from the floor and watched in confusion as Temi and I exchanged words. He stood by the side of the wall trying to solve the puzzle.
“Temi it is you who has been envious of me.” I pointed with my hands.
“It is you who went sleeping with Dayo behind my back. You are the one who have betrayed our friendship. You Temi, are the devil in angels clothing.”
“Kemi me? A devil? Youmi you just did. You just broke my relationship with my man.”
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“O shut up.” I thundered angrily.
“He is an old man and your sugar daddy for God sake. You only banged him for money. Which man are you talking about? The one with the penis the size of my finger.” I blurted.
Kemi stopped and heaved a sigh. She suddenly became calm and spoke coldly.
“Kemi, everything I did, I did it for you. Every single thing. You have known me since school days. I am not a kind of person who falls in love. You know how much I hate love. Kemi you know how I detest relationships. I only do it for fun. I do it only when I need something from someone.” She defended.
“Temi What could you possibly need from Dayo? What? Tell me.” I beckoned in a rather provoked state.
“Revenge. Yes Revenge. That was all I sought. I have always sought revenge for you Kemi. I have sought vengeance ever since the day he hurt you my friend. He took advantage of your soft heart and hurt you.
I wanted him to leave with the same pains he had caused you for the rest of his life.
“Dayo came to me months after he broke up with you. He said he loved me and wanted us to date. What kind of man leaves his girlfriend, only to end up with her best friend? He was not only a stupid man, a heart breaker, but a bastard.
“Dayo did not know he had just met with his match. He did not know that the person he was trying to ask out was going to lead him to his early grave. He felt I was as soft as you. He came with all the flowery words and sweet tongue. I kept watching him. I could not tell you because I knew it will hurt you. I did not want to add to your sorrow. Especially when I found out that Dayo’s plan was to date the both of us.
“No wonder he organised me a birthday party. No wonder he cared so much about me. No wonder he bought me gifts and always tried to win my love for him.
“After months of chasing me relentlessly, I gave him what he wanted. I gave it to him just the way he wanted it. But this time, I helped to add an extra package along with my little gift. A package that will leave him in regrets for the rest of his life.
“Kemi, people like Dayo and the General who treat women like sluts deserve to die . They do not deserve to leave. The General has five wives, but yet he leaves them at home and still sleeps with young girls out their. He sleeps with them and pays them with cash after using their bodies.
“Kemi, Dayo had you. He had a loving and caring woman, yet he chose to dump you. He even had sex with you on the last day he was to break up with you. Dayo left you like a piece of trash and came chasing after me; your own best friend.
“Kemi each and everyone of those men, and every other man who has refused to put their penis in their trousers, I have infected with Aids. That is a lesson to them. Dayo, Kayode, Dami, Usman, Emeka, Bernard, and a host of others you have known me with, including the General are all infected with the virus. They deserve it.
“Kemi all I did was seek revenge for you, and for myself. I didn’t do it to hurt you.”
Alex folded his hands and screamed in shock.
“God of mercy! The heart of a woman is wicked.”
“No sir.” Kemi retorted.
“The heart of a hurt and vengeful woman is wicked. Hell hath no fury, for a woman who is hurt.”
I sat on the floor and cried bitterly. I cried like a widow who had lost her husband. I cried like a mother whose only child had just been hit by a trailer.
My heart was broken in tiny pieces. My pains had just increased in a dozen fold. Everything dawned on me, when I realised that I had failed to let go of the past. I had sought vengeance for those who hurt me, and was now going to live with the consequence of my actions for the rest of my life.
If Kemi had HIV/Aids and had infected Dayo in a means to get revenge for me, then she must have infected the General too, and I had just contacted HIV/Aids from the gen
eral just an hour ago.
While I cried bitterly at the front of my gate, I sighted the General’s Hilux and his entourage of soldier, drive speedily from the distance..
To be continued….

(The Price of Vengeance) (Episode 11)

We all watched as the band of Hilux came to a sudden stop. They had parked in the distance. A soldier in army uniform who was well armed, jumped down from one of the Hilux, and walked to one of the green flashy Jeeps. He opened it and saluted as General Abdullahi alighted angrily.
“Father!” Alex muttered surprisingly as General Abdullahi approached us.
“Mustapha, what are you doing here?” General Abdullahi asked.
“I came to see my fiancee, father. She is the woman I told you about – the one I said I would be getting married to soon.”
“Which fiancee?” General Abdullahi asked.
“Kemi. See her here Baba.” Alex drew near to hold me by my shoulders.
“I planned bringing her to introduce to the family this weekend Baba. But I only wanted to propose to her first.” Alex announced
I shuddered as Alex held me. My world was finally crashing before my very eyes. My reputation before the General had been destroyed. I covered my face in shame and wept.
I still remember how General Abdullahi praised me some months back. He said I was different from all the girls he had met. According to him, I was not after the money of a man, but I was after true love and happiness.
General Abdullahi had once teased me about choosing me as a suitable wife for one of his sons. He said his sons were not like him and some of his children were even Christians.
I Chuckled that day as he spoke. I never had intentions of marrying a Muslim man or anyone from General Abdullahi’s family. I knew the General only meant to play with me, and was not serious about what he said.
Moreover, I am a christian and only wanted to marry someone I was going to share same faith and religion with. Most especially, I wanted to marry someone I loved.
Alex is a christian. He was someone who never missed church service. He was devoted to an extent. I was stunned when I realise that Alex is the Generals son.
I lifted my head and looked into Alex eyes. He stared back into mine. I had so many questions in my heart I wanted to ask. So many things were still unknown to me, because I never gave Alex the attention he deserved. I didn’t really care about his life, background or how he lived it. Why should I? when I had already convinced myself that our relationship was just a relationship, and will come to an end soon.
Alex held me firmly and rubbed my shoulders.
“But how? I… I thought you were a christian. How is the General your father?” I asked in a shaking voice.
“My mother was the first wife of the General. My mother is a christian woman. When my father divorced my mother years back, I chose to live with her. And so I adopted her religion as mine. My real names are Alex Mustapha Abdullahi.” He grinned.
I fell to the ground immediately and cried bitterly. Alex tried to lift me up, but I pushed his hands away. I was not worthy of his touch. I was not worthy of his love. I didn’t even deserve him.
“Let go of me Alex.” I tossed his hands off.
“I have acted foolishly. I have betrayed my friend, and accused you wrongly. I have let my anger take a whole of me. I have allowed myself to act foolishly. I am not worthy to have a man like you. I am not.” I cried out.
“How do you mean Kemi? How do you mean? I still love you. I swear I really love you.”
“Kai ka yi shuru.” General Abdullahi shouted at Alex.
“Keep quiet there. Love Banza.” General Abdullahi cursed in Hausa language.
“What is love? So he is the one you said raped you ko? He is the reason you came to sleep with me. So you want me to arrest my own son ko? You call him a rapist? My own son rapist? Kemi you must be mad and wanlahi. Prostitute like you kawai.” General blurted angrily.
Alex let go of me and stared at me speechlessly, with his face carrying a load of shock.
“And you Temi, what did I not give you? Gaskiya I wanted to make you my wife. I love you like a daughter to me. I cherish the sweet things we share wanlahi. But you had to sleep with another man behind my back. eh. You have to sleep with Dayo ko Ayo eh. What will he give to you that I cannot. You break my heart gaskiya. Temi you break my heart.”
“Baba you know her?” Alex asked with his hands folded.
“Yes. I know her. I know two of them.”
“So this is the general you infected with Aids?” Alex pointed in shock.
“Baba she has HIV and have been infecting people up and down.” Alex announced.
“HIV? Temi you have HIV? Kin Bani chiwon kanjamu? HIV and Aids? You sleep with me all this while and give me Aids?” General Abdullahi spoke soberly.
He walked closer to her, while his soldiers followed behind.
“Temi, you make me go home and sleep with my innocent wives at home? So now all my five wives have the sickness? You put my children at risk of this virus. Temi you are wicked. You are very wicked.”
Temi looked at me as the General spoke. In her eyes were tears of sorrow.
“Kemi, you slept with the General because you sought revenge?” She asked.
I nodded my head and sniffed. I was full of regret for my actions. I felt like ending my life at that moment.
“You mean you did this to get back at me? Kemi you are my friend. You should know I will never hurt you. I can never hurt you. Why didn’t you come to ask me first. Why?” Temi shouted.
“I was hurt Temi. I felt betrayed by you. Seeing Dayo coming out of your house this morning made me mad. When he kissed you, I was angry. I hated you at that moment. You know me Temi. You know me well. You know how angry I could get. I acted without thinking.
“Yes you did. You acted foolishly. Now see where you have landed us. Just look at your life and mine now. I only did all this to get you a well deserved revenge Kemi. I should have told you from the start. But how could I. It will sound foolish to you.
“That was the second Time Dayo was coming to visit me. That was the second time we were having sex too. I didn’t do this for myself Kemi. I didn’t. I did it for us.” Temi explained bitterly.
Temi was still talking when the General snatched a gun from one of his soldiers and pointed it at Temi. On impulse, I stood up and jumped to push Temi away, but the bullet he had fired, hit me at my lower back.
I fell to the floor like a collapsed building. Alex ran towards me to hold me. I watched as Temi tried to run away into her car. But General Abdullahi, turned angrily in her direction. He pointed the gun at her head and fired another gunshot. The bullet drove straight into Temi’s head and she fell down flat beside her car.
As I slowly faded away, I saw General Abdullahi walk away into his green Jeep with his band of soldiers. He sped away, leaving the lifeless body of Temi, and a wounded me helpless on the floor.
I struggled to keep my eyes open. I tried really hard. But the last thing I saw was Alex making phone calls, and urging me to stay awake.
He shouted bitterly and shook me rigorously, as my eyes slowly closed.
I have made mistakes in my life as a woman. I have taken wrong decisions that have turned back to hunt me. I have sought vengeance and had to live with the repercussions of my actions.
Temi lost her life instantly after the headshot by General Abdullahi. She had paid the Price of vengeance when, she died without making peace with her maker. She died without seeking forgiveness from the general or from all those she had infected her with Aids.
General Abdullahi couldn’t live with the stigma of a murderer. The news went round of a General in the army, who was infected with AIDS, and had also infected his five wives with the same virus, only to murder the woman who had infected him and live her friend crippled after missing his first shot.
General Abdullahi ended up committing suicide in his hotel room. He was found dead by his security guards few weeks later.
And as for me, I lived with my own price. It was a costly price I had to pay. The gunshot to my back, damaged my spinal cord. Doctors say I was lucky to have survived the shot. I now have to sit on a wheel chair for the rest of my life as a crippled woman.
I tested positive for the virus months later. But that was something I had already expected from the beginning.
What broke my heart the most, was when I realised that just three weeks after General Abdullahi’s death, I was pregnant and carrying his thirteenth child. I had forgotten to take the contraceptives that very day, and was now paying the painful price for my negligence.
The good news was that General Abdullahi reviewed his will before he died. A clause was contained in his will. It was a clause stating that my unborn child was to be taken from me, and given a portion of his property and money. He was also to be sent to the best schools money can afford.
This clause was to be effective only if I ended up being pregnant for him. If I wasn’t, such properties should be sold, and the money be given out to charity,
Like a flash, Nine months passed by, and it felt just like nine days. Hakeem Abdullahi has been born. Family members from the Generals family, have been coming to pay me visits at the hospital.
Alex was one of the first to visit me. He had come with his fiancee, Aisha. When Alex announced that he was engaged to her, and their marriage was fixed for next month, a feeling of regret covered me, and tears rolled down my face in tiny rivulets.
That should have been me if only I had taken the right steps and decisions. That should have been me being engaged to marry Alex, if only I had given him a listening ear and not taking rash actions. If only I had let go of the past, and had forgiven all those who had hurt me.
But here was I, a helpless, crippled, baby mama infected with Aids, and left to suffer for her actions.
I was paying the bitter price of vengeance.

The End.

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