[Story] How My Heart Failed Me – Part 7 and Part 8

How my heart failed me (Part 7)
(By Petelove)

“Prostrate flat on the floor and i must not see your head up”, Mr Olajide raised his voice in anger.
I lied down flat on the floor with tears rushing out of my eyes, with my head bending seeing the long double twisted cane, which would be used to remove “stop been a stubborn boy out of me”.
He raised the cane into the air to the give me the first lashes, i closed my eyes firmly with fear in my heart, hoping death will come and save me from the punishment.
The first lashes landed on my back, death played a prank on me this time. “ahhhhh!!!!” i screamed bitterly…
Still on the floor, when he was about to raise the cane up to give me the second lashes, i shivered. i felt a sprinkle of water on my body, someone just sprinkled water on my body. Who might that be?
He gave me the second lashes at my back again, “yeeeeeh, mo ku oooo” (am dead ooooo) i screamed louder this time, started rowling on the floor .
I started pleading “pleaslivcan’ttt wont fight again, am sorry sir, please forgive me”, as i was pleading, it’s as if am invoking the anger in Mr Olajide.
He asked me to stand up and lean on the wall. As i was doing that, i was crying profusely.
The third lashes landed at my buttocks, i screamed a little this time.
When he was about to give me the fourth lashes, i felt a sprinkled water on my body again, I turned around to see the devil behind the water, i saw the school head boy holding a bowl of water.
*The school head boy is living just a few metres away to my house, his name is Darasimi i disliked him for one reason; he never apologised on behalf of any students, he does whatever the school authority asked him to do*
He looked at me and he gave me a sorry look, i cursed him inside of me.
The fourth lashes landed at my back, i screamed loudly.
He gave me the fifth lashes, it landed on my buttock, when he was about to give me the last lashes. Something crept to my mind.
If i could endure this last lashes, what about the reamining 18 lashes from Mr Fadahunsi and the two other teachers, i was deep in thought when the last round of cane landed at my neck, i swallowed hard this time.
I fell down i started shaking on the floor like someone who had epilepsy.
Mr Olajide took a step backward looking at me not knowing what to do again.
Mr Fadahunsi rushed towards me to check the problem with me, i started dropping saliva from my mouth doing as if i had epilepsy.
The principal was afraid, he stood up from his chair and he ran towards where i was on the floor. “Ki lo se, ki lo sele si!!!” (what happen to him) the Principal shouted.
Of no time all the school teachers started rushing in and out.
Mr Olajide collected the bowl of water from the headboy and splash a little amount of water on my head. I stopped shaking immediately, i stretched my body, like someone who gave up the ghost, i acted as if am dead.
I closed my two eyes as if am dead. I heard the female teachers screaming, shouting and ranting..
The principal asked the head boy to take me inside his car, to take me to the hospital.
As i was taken out from the Principal’s office, i heard the students shouting “Mr Olajide has beaten Ola to coma, Mr Olajide will die in the prison”, hearing all this i was happy within me with my eyes closed.
I was carried into the principal’s car by the school head boy.
The principal, the vice-principal, Mr Olajide and our head boy were in the car with me.
I was happy because my plans worked and the same time feeling the pain of the strokes of cane all over my back and buttocks including my neck inside of me.
When i heard Mr Olajide saying “I promise myself never to beat any students again if i could wake up”, with a trembling voice.
Following, I heard the principal saying “You Shouldn’t have flooged him on his neck, its whats affecting him now”
Suddenly i heard “we are about to get to the hospital” i thought of what to immediately “i snezzed”.
“Is he awake” i heard the Principal asking, “i think he’s awake” the head boy replied.
I opened my eyes slowly, i heard Mr Olajide saying ‘”thank God, he’s awake”.
I found myself in between, our headboy and Mr Olajide. I opened my eyes slowly.
I can see happiness plus sadness written on Mr Olajide’s face.
Few minutes later, the Principal drove the car into the hospital compound.
We alighted from the car, the Vice-principal told the headboy to held me by my hand firmly from behind. We moved into the hospital.
Mr Olajide and the school head boy stayed at the reception while we moved to the doctors office. I saw Mr Olajide rubbing his hands together, thanking God.
With the way they exchange pleasantries, i sensed that the principal and the doctor are closed friends.
The doctor asked what the problem is all about, the vice-principal answered, “we were on the assembly ground, i saw him talking to his friend not listening to what am telling them” the doctor gave me, you must be a stubborn boy look.
The vice-principal continued “I ordered a teacher to flog him but all of a sudden he fell down after he was beaten”. The doctor looked at me for a seconds, he saw my redish eye, he knew i was beaten brutally.
He asked me to lie down on a bed which is placed beside a wall in his office.
He asked me to remove my star boy round neck shirt, he saw the traces of the lashes on my back he opened his mouth ajar and close it within a second. He asked me if have eaten that day, i lied i said yes.
The Vice-principal later ordered the school headboy to get me a soft drinks before taking injections. After when I took half of the Pepsi, the doctor gave me an injection.
He later wrote the name of some medicines in a paper and gave it to the Principal.
He asked them to buy the medicine for me on our way back to the school.
Few minutes later i started feeling dizzy still in the doctors office.

Part 8

All of a sudden, i felt like sleeping and not long after i slept off.
I opened my eyes and i found myself laid on the long couch at the Principal’s office. I saw my grandmother, sitting on one of the visitor’s chair, i saw sadness written all over her, i felt a heartbreak within myself. I rose up gently, but i could feel pains all over my body.
I switched my face to see the person sitting beside my grandmother, i saw a woman who has the resemblance of Femi, “that should be Femi’s mum” i thought within myself.
“Thank God, you are awake”, the vice principal voice brought fear back to me, the principal later ordered me to stand up.
“Thats Femi’s mum over there and we made a call through your grandmother, to tell her what you did in the school today” the Principal’s voice added to the fear in me. I was so sorry seeing my aged grandmother been disturbed by me.
“Now, you’ve been given two weeks suspension for violating the school rules and regulation” the principal spoke again. He continued “you already knew the penalty of what you did but due to the plead from Femi’s mum. You know you should be given a month suspension we decided to reduced it to two weeks”.
Hearing this i burst into tears. i started feeling remorseful, seeing my grandmother speaking with Femi’s mum pleading on my behalf.
I saw my grandmother holding my bag. She apologized to the Principal and the vice-principal on my behalf after some few seconds we took our leaves out of the school.
I collected my bag from my grandmother on getting out of the Principal’s office. I saw some of my class-mate and some other students. I became 2pac that day, because “all eyes were on me”, they were talking about me.
I could hear one of the students saying “I know one day will be one day, when one of them will kill the other”, i did as if i didnt hear what she said, because it was as if all the problem in this world were on me.
We moved out of the school gate, we take a move to the other side to take a cab going to our street. We entered into the cab, after some minutes in the cab, i remembered my phone.
I hurriedly open my bag to check my phone. I cried and screamed in a low tone “where is my phone? my phone is not inside my bag again”. My grandmother collected my bag to help in search through the bag very well, bt it wasnt there anymore. I checked my palm to see Funke’s number bt i could barely see the figures, the fourth to the seventh figures were gone.
“Have told you several times not to take your phone to school again, its suits you well. You will start using phone when you started working”, she was angry saying all those words. I was in a deep thought when all of a sudden we heard the passengers in the cab with us shoutin “eje Jesu”!!! (Blood of Jesus).
i was scared and confused i rose my head up to see whats going on, but I could see the driver fighting with the stirring of the car. Fortunately for us, the driver tried all his best to stop the car by hitting a fence.
We moved out of the car with no one injured. “What could have caused the scenario” my grandmother asked one of the passenger.
With a furious voice “Don’t mind that foolish drunkard, calling himself a professional driver, he nearly killed us” a lady replied. Out of what she said, i could sensed that the driver is drunk.
As the lady was talking, she moved closer to the driver and gave him a hot slap and held the driver by his cloth, shouting “you want to kill me, you this foolish man, since i entered your car i knew u re foolish man, how many times have you been told not to drive if you are drunk!!!?” as the lady was shouting, her voice is calling the attention of people.
With no time, people were running towards our direction.
The incident happened just some few meters away to the junction where we are to drop.
I and my grandmother left the scene, we took our leave to the house.
I got home, we met some of our tennants at home asking me what happened, why i left the school early with my grandmother. I ignored their questions and i went straight to the room.
I laid on the bed deeply sad, i thought within myself “what the heck have i done to myself, am going to miss a lot of things in school, i dont presently know the condition of my best friend, my phone is missing and also will missed my newly meet girlfriend”. I felt bad to myself. Not long after i got to the room, my grandmother entered into the room.
I saw my grandmother trying to give a call through someone.
Lemme use this medium to tel you the reason why i’ve been living with my mother for the past years.
*I wasn’t the first person to live with my grandmother. We all see living with her as a custom. All my cousins and my elder brother and sister lived with her through their primary and secndary education stages. So, we all see living with her as a custom/tradition during that period, so thats why have been living with her for years*
I rushed to her seeing her dailing a number. I started pleading to her, not to tell anyone, either my mum or my dad. Telling my parents will add more problem to the matter. Because i know for sure, the two weeks suspension will be more of two weeks turbulent if either my parents heard what happened.
She replied with a raging voice “you are not the first and the last child that will ever live with me, your elder brother and your sister had lived here without giving me problem, you can’t turn me to a wicked woman. I don’t want to be blamed at the end of everything”. Hearing her, i burst into tears again.
I saw her redailing the number again, but with the look on her face, i thought the number is not reachable. I was about to go outside when her phone rang.


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