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[Story] How I Started Stealing Pots With Food On Fire – The End (Episode 18)



At this point, i knew there was no escape…..
This was when the beating and kicks in Episode one started…
Everything i was trying to explain fell on deaf ears, The last thing i remember was daddy tina coming towards me with pestle.
i woke up after a three days coma
in the hospital…. According to stories i was told, i was brought to the hospital after i stopped breathing and they thought i was dead….
It was mummy chiomobi that insisted i be treated as every other person left me for dead…
My parents were called in…… My father refused to show up blaming it on transport fares as only my mama showed up….
That day, despite my sick nature, i heard the history of my birth and thousands of advices from my mama who caused a scene with her tears….
All my attempt to rope in Atele failed as the police claim there was no evidence and he left scot free,,,
the shame was so too much in school even tho i managed to escape expulsion due to the pleas of my mother…..
My Father disowned me and warned me never to step in his house again and claimed i must be a bastard… This almost caused a divorce btw my papa and mama.
All in all, i dropped out of school in the 2nd year, and left with no option as i could not return home , i travelled to the big bros aka Kasadim the Money house in the next city….
Kasadim was that my elder brother who was into yahoo yahoo and there with him… I started a new chapter of yahoo and drugs…
Which brought more dire consequences than i could ever bargain for….

As an adage says. Dog wey go lost no go kuku Hear Hunter Whistle..


Updated: February 17, 2018 — 11:54 AM


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