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[Story] How I Started Stealing Pots With Food On Fire – Episode 9


I tried to imagine the kind of expression on the faces of the guys as i usain bolted through the passage and straight to my house…..
I immediately poured the food in a nearby cooler in the kitchen and locked myself inside where i sat down the manna from above and ate it with garri, my meal for the past 3 days…
Even the jehovah witnesses that brought the good news of christ didnt make me move an inch
And indeed, stolen bread is sweet…
By 10pm ,with my hand gloves on, i went to return the pot to a easily noticeable place around the house and wrote with my left hand, a two page apology letter giving reasons for my act..
I spent six hours the next day asking for forgiveness and explaining to God why i had to go for another mission of such…
i knew from henceforth, i was really into the business…
So i started full time…. And like a serious worker shld, i acquired my tools…
Gloves, two bagco sacks and my number one tool ,,.,.,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,
a Big Food flask…..

Updated: February 17, 2018 — 11:40 AM


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