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[Story] How I Started Stealing Pots With Food On Fire – Episode 8


i watched with hunger and grief as my guy added the ingrediets into the pot of beans.,.,, The kind hunger wey dey gbam me fit make me vote for donald trump….
I was fighting a battle with my consciousness as to how i will talk with this bros to help me with the food….
One voice was saying steal it and go while one was saying seek permission…What will jesus do in this situation ?
But ogbeni forget jare, the hunger wey dey gbab person now no dey during jesus era….
I was still unsure about what to do untill i saw this guy adding crayfish… Person wey dey add crayfish to beans this kind periods go surely gallant small.. God forgive me please….
I looked around left and right ….and took a step of faith, slightly removed the lid and tasted the food and oh my God…… tasted so good… Or na the hunger make the food sweet for my mouth..
I was still taking the 2nd taste when i heard voices in the house conversing about the food…
“ope, d beans don done ?
No, adio, e remain small ?
Tor, you sabi say na me, you, tolu, tola and jude dey chop am,. Make e no burn oo..
You don forget say duke and ahmed sef go chop, i go go check am now sha
And here i was ,with a pot of beans that would hardly satisfy me on a normal day and about 8 people are conversing on eating it…
My initial plan was dropping the pot from fire and eating enough to fill me up and leave the rest for them but my plan had to change after i heard someone saying…. The beans suppose to done….
I noticed a black nylon on the floor and fia ,,,,,,,

Updated: February 17, 2018 — 11:39 AM


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