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[Story] How I Started Stealing Pots With Food On Fire – Episode 7


i was still contemplating on the colour of the rope to commit suicide when i finally decided to go to one of my friend side who we have since quarelled and seek for his forgiveness.
Even if na 2 cups of garri and rice make i manage am take survive……
I wore my garment of humility and set for his house about an hour journey from my home ….
I wore my goodluck toms and set for his house with my own legs sweating profusely under the sun.
The last five naira on me i could not even use it to buy water as sachet of pure water is now 10 naira…
Finally, i got there and Unfortunately for me, he was not at home…,
haa, the devil is a liar…. today na today, if i no see this guy i no go go house…
30 mins, 1 hour pass…my guy never come and i no get him number.. Even if number dey.
Credit to call no dey…even mtn customer care don call me to repay my debts or they will blacklist my sim… Me i just ignore them…
Blacklist nkor, reddington ni….
I was still there waiting when the aroma of a nearby cooking red beans penetrated into my nostrils.
My stomach was already singing tonto dikeh and vic O songs and i could not take it anylonger…
I tried to see the face of the person cooking the tasty food and lo and an behold it was a guy….
But the way the guy bone him face take dey cook the food, dey carry salt and pepper put inside the food with strong face, approaching him to please help me with some of the delicacy might be a wrong decision to make….

Updated: February 17, 2018 — 11:38 AM


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