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[Story] How I Started Stealing Pots With Food On Fire – Episode 6


Better friends i no get…. I was even better than most of them sef… These ones into yahoo yahoo, Pushing of Shh shh ( u already know naw) and other acts of lucifer told me that the era is not one to be dashing free money anyhow and if i need money., i had to join them.
Haha, ki la gbe ki le ju…… My feeling was not with such acts so i declined…
I tried my hands on betting with the small money i was getting and i specialised in Aja sanre (dog race) bet and Nigeria premier league but it was a disaster back to back..
The highest i won ever was 750 naira…. Even the bet numbers i collected from isaku, the mad man failed to work for me , twice despite working for many people earning them a lot of money…
I tried to join labourers in carrying blocks at sites on saturdays… After doing it twice, i had to run for my life as alomo and ogidiga plus robb could not cure the back pain and suffering i experienced after those days….
The fact that i couldnt attend lectures after those days and All that work for a meagre 1200 naira discouraged me..
And here i was , debts upon debts… Iya kunle provisions has warned me not to come to her shop again untill i pay her money and iya Suliat raw food and stock fish shop almost poured water on me and insulted me in front of suliat who i wanted to parol the last time i visited them.
No babe i could call to help me as i has seperated with my pretty nkechi in the interest of buha and the nation….
And now hunger they wire me so …hunger dey deal with me and wan turn my wande coal body to 9ice.
I was already looking for rope and a nearby banana tree to commit suicide when an incident triggered my first ever pot stealing

Updated: February 17, 2018 — 11:37 AM


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