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[Story] How I Started Stealing Pots With Food On Fire – Episode 5


In my hostel everyone was complaining..
The girls with boyfriends left our hostel and moved in with boyfriend in order to augment the situation..
The only person that seemed buoyant in these echoes of hard times is an ugly girl in the opposite flat but we were not on talking terms..
She was always eating fruits like orange, pineapple, apple and especially cherished banana a lot… .
The aroma from her room was always smelling stock fish,. Egusi sometimes ponmo and cow beef aroma will escape and start causing thoughts to my brain but i could not make a move to ask her for food because since the day she begged me with tears in her eyes and stark Unclad in my room to fuvk her and i wore her clothes on her and stated that i was not interested despite all all touching , romancing , holding my thing and rubbing against me stark Unclad, she has hated me passionately….
I just couldnt bring myself to commiting the act of reproduction will her and i had to send her off from my presence…
Begone” i said to her…
She started keeping malice with me and i no send am but these aroma coming from her side this days ehn… And no doubt she was a good cook.
Wetin i go con do now God…

Updated: February 17, 2018 — 9:13 AM


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