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[Story] How I Started Stealing Pots With Food On Fire – Episode 4


My Papa would Complain Bitterly that all the small small , kuru kuru they rake in from here and there as been blocked as everyone is afraid of being caught…The bosses that do give Egunje to them once in a while never eat belleful not to talk of giving nada to anyone…. ;(
Papa collect loan , collect loan sotey he tire…
Even the treasurer of his coperative society was hit by wave and absconded with coperative money up to a million naira…..
I remembered two of the members fainted that fateful day and papa had to be admitted for seven days in mama chukwu the nurse house…

If i call house, papa go vex talk to me.,.., i call mama., na so so cry cry, and make i dey fire prayer and e go better talk she go dey yarn..
… Na me be first born followed by 5 other siblings so no uncle or aunty to even run to..
All the people that i use to set time to go visit for when them go don cook finish started to give me signals.. Sometimes i will see their shoes outside and the roomate will say they have gone out,…. Some started saving cold yesterday food for me knowing i will arrive soon and some even told me point blank to stop coming to their house…

Updated: February 17, 2018 — 9:12 AM


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