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[Story] How I Started Stealing Pots With Food On Fire – Episode 16


After cracking some jokes about how five naira could not buy anything again and some other irrevelant stuffs, i noticed that the women were already friendly with me….
While they were still laughing, i sneaked to the back and quickly removed my cooler….
Haha , Obe So !!
I looked left and Right and quickly poured the beans into the cooler but i left like three spoons of beans in the pot for the woman so it will not be like someone is wicked….
I placed it back gently and wiped the back of the pot where the beans spilled on..
I muttered a silent prayer for the succesful mission and headed towards the backdoor…
Only for the little girl i met earlier to come and corner me at the back……
Uncle Tolu is back …….. She shouted…
Haaa, My God..i knew i was in trouble when she stated this as i did not know the so called tolu neither does he know me..
“tell him am coming back, lemme go and buy food first eh ”
with that, i hurried forward with the hope of getting away from there and never coming back…
Uncle where are you going..
I said am coming back…. I said angrily as i made attempt to push her off my way…
” But I saw you pouring mummy kehinde beans inside …..your cooler..”
tina what is happening there ” ? … I could hear a husky male voice question the girl from inside the house as urine trinkled down my 50 cents boxers…

Updated: February 17, 2018 — 11:50 AM


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