[Story] How I Started Stealing Pots With Food On Fire – Episode 14


I hurriedly started to adjust a little bit…
Calm down boo, stay with me ” she said as she held onto me…….
Stay with me nkor, HELLO NI….
WHAT if that was her boyfriend ? I was actually a lil bit scared and prayed i had not gotten myself in trouble…
Whos there ” she asked as i started looking around for my clothes….
Aunty e, ruka ni…. Mummy lo fi ojeun ran mi…
To te di le kun mo ori ( its your aunty ruka and your mummy sent me to give you food stuffs)….
Who is aunty ruka …i whispered..
Its a long story…. Please help me drop it outside ma,,am busy
haa, she asked me to collect something from you too…. The voice outside replied..
What is that…..
Haha, open the door now, willl i be shouting everything outside here..
But my boyfriend is inside
ehn,, what does he have that av not seen…
Please answer me…. The aunty replied harshly….
I quickly wore my shirts and trousers, unplugged my phone, carried my backo bag and set for leave…
Dont go now, we can continue wen she leaves… She begged me holding onto me….
Dont worry…. When am back ,we can continue..
Pls stay now ,,,
no , am coming back now…. I quickly kissed her with my eyes closed and promised her again that i will be back…..
Dont be long ooo.. She stated….
I opened the door to meet the supposed aunty who had swollen up with an obviously angry face outside,,, she was more of like an househelp tho.
I greeted her and even offered to help carry some of the foodstuffs inside but she replied coldly and waived it off….
Odabo ma…
E pele .,,, e ku se oo… E ku se kara kara.,…
Hmmmnn .. She said with a big grin as she shook her hand…..
Who send monkey….
I hurriedly stepped out of the gate and set for the pot of beans…

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