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[Story] How I Started Stealing Pots With Food On Fire – Episode 13


Boo, boo why are you doing me like this ?
She stated as she started caressing me and fighting world war 3 with my belt….
This was around 9 am in the morning… What could make her so horny so early….
I started having reservations about the cucumber she sliced on my jollof rice because i sha noticed the cucumber was greener and tasted more mature than a normal cucumber…
She planted a kiss on my lips as her extra extra soft b0s0m collided with my bony chest and sent a tingle down my brain and blood down ” My down”….
I almost forgot about my mission today as the kissing got intense, i grabbed a copy of the benovelent water melon as i unhooked the bra like james bond and the jezebel in her sprang up…
I started seeing the afro candies in her ….
Omo, last last na to use pillow cover the face….
I quickly connected my phone with aux cord to her speaker and started playing gospel music in order to reduce any noise that may be coming from her..
The song “igwe blasted from the speakers…
I didnt know that God was packaging my punishment…
Myself and this girl were on cloud 9 as i brought the pillow nearby to cover the face as i penetrated the passage of joy…
So last last, i go f this babe…
I was just about to start when Nathaniel bassey, someone knocking at the door played and we actually heard a knock at the door…

Updated: February 17, 2018 — 11:47 AM


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