[Story] How I Started Stealing Pots With Food On Fire – Episode 12


This was how i continued in my flamboyant lifestyle… …. enjoying and flexing….
A week before i was caught, a young preacher had walked up to me and warned me to depart from any evil act i was doing…
I just ignored his supposed rants… Which evil i dey do ?
My house became a sort of holy land of food for boys….. With a good fridge nearby, food was never a probelm….
My test results were going fine.. I was on the verge of getting a new babe…. Everything was going smooth…..
Not untill this particular saturday……[quote author=ClassCaptain post=47773239]Episode 14
By this time, i don reconcile with my neighbour… Infact we were closer than before we fought… Food was no longer a probelm….
her sweet companionship made me to forget about the whole change shii in the country……
Food dey my fridge,,, drinks were not missing too but this particular saturday, na Beans dey do me chop….
I approached my neighbour and asked her for beans but she stated that the last one was cooked yesterday by she and her friends……
” and looked for you yesterday but you werent around. But i will get it for you , just wait a little till afternoon “…. She stated .
She hurriedly served me the jollof rice with 2 fried meats she cooked that morning which i ate and drank pepsi on top ….
But i was still not satisfied… I could not wait till afternoon when she would cook the beans…
I needed the beans right away..
I finished the jollof, got my backo bag and cooler and returned her plate to her….
I told her i was going out and would soon be back but as if she knew what was going to happen , she held on to me and insisted i stay with her……
Despite my agitations to leave, she playfully still held onto me and while we were still struggling, light come….
” eh, have you forgotten about your test tomorrow” there is light now, let me give you my modem so you can go online and read with it…”
haha, before i look left, look right, this girl don push me for ontop bed.,…

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