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[Story] Final Days in School – Episode 4

I was alone in the room stack un clad ..there we’re many people and I was trying to hide mhy 8inch erected antenna…just then some one walked out from the crowd and came closer to me..she was no other person than mhy Vp in fellowship..she took mhy d**k into her mouth and started sU-Cking on with wit so much intense….I nver experienced that can of pleasure before….she looked up from mhy d–k and ask a question…what do u think u are doing …I was looking down at her with no answer ..come to think of it u are sU-Cking me up and also asking wat am doing..just den everyone started to applaud us …some we’re even screaming ooooo!!!! Yea sU-Ck that b—h..I looked down at her again this time she was crying…and asking me not to fall for it..pls make it stop pleas make it stop she keep repeating……just den I close mhy eyes again and everyone was gone even Vp…..wat is going on …I was scared to death…then I began to feel this warm and soft feeling around mhy manhood ….it was somting tight movin up and down mhy s—t…It was a nice felling I could tell…I dint wanted it to stop..I was so loving it
Suddenly it stops for some moment before resuming again I was in heaven literally….u like it ?? A voice echoed on mhy ear ..yea I replied..yea I love it….. Do u wnt me to stop?? The voice replied no !! No!!! Pls don….t. Dnnt st…opp. Woow! Aren’t u tired the voice no am not…d vioce replied… Am coming com with me plsssss!!!!! Ahhhhh
And suddenly mhy moaster looks like wat was about to explode…I was shouting ahhhhhh$
Then it came…wat was scaring is that no one was making love to me ….
I was still there alone wen ….I herd a voice “resist her and she will flee” the voice was still in echoed wen another interrupted ……WAKE UP!! WAke up who have exam today by 9am….I slowly open mhy eyes to meet sandras bright eyes staring like me
Chai! God save me from karachika

Updated: December 24, 2018 — 7:06 AM


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