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[Story] Final Days in School – Episode 2

Coming back from the exam hall that day was more of a suicide mission…the sun shuns so bad as if the earth was covered with ice nd it was in a mission to melt it all.. To me that was the more reason I hate to sit a an exam it noon 9am paper is more preferable…. I manage to get home headed straight to the bathroom in mhy self contain apartment,for a refreshing bath, after which I went to the kitchen as if something called food will miraculously appear in mhy empty pot **obo I dhy hungry o,** I took mhy phone and had straight to ken’s house which is like two lounge away from mine..wht the hope of geting something to eat as well…Getting there I ment sandra sitting outside there corridor chatting away with her face so glued to her phone…wearing just a bum short a handles top revealing almost everything about her fair complexion body that look like halfcast **bros I beg you, dis is not caro white’s doing** she look up from her phone and saw me starring at her like a lost sheep looking for the owner…and she gave me a smile of ask and you shall b giving….if is also want thing abou this girl is she is so wild that you could even mistook her as som1 who grow up in the ghetto with her characters
Sandra: bros lucky gud aftunoon, this one you dhy look me like who forget somting for mhy body so
Me: bea nor vez jor..hw e b nw….ken dhy huz
Sandra: I dhy o..ken say e one go collect somtin for person hux I even think say na ur side him dhy com
Me: I just dhy com 4rom exam hall…wha blessing
Sandra:**frowning her face** na human being name b dat
At that point I knew ken as been going through hell **chai pple wa dhy marry two wifes I give una hand o***
Me: babe concerning that part…e b like u wit her mata nor to clear like dat….na make me even com
….Ken na like mhy junior brodha cus the way the gul take dhy respect me….and una too nor dhy give am peace at all…
Sandra: me wit mhy cousin nor just get issue at that b—h that called herself he’s girlfriend..she is so rude..she wnts to always ride on me, like asking me to always wash the dish nd lie down on the rug at bed times
Me: ah ah..commo babe that one nor b issue nw….u can both sort that out….anyway why don’t u come and b sleeping over at mhy place…..***jesus! Wat have I just said…watein I talk!**
Sandra: *whitout hesitation** for real ??
Me: yea
Sandra: hope any of your gulfrnd with rip off mhy head?
Me: hahaha wat gulfrnd…am rlly single** that was of a fact** cause of mhy position in an excos ….as for
sandra: owk o…if u can tolerate mhy altitude..I will discus it wit ken on his arrival…
Me: no p sha..but am sure ken will adhere to it
I later left for mhy house not without eating rice and dodo..geting home I crashed on mhy bed ..*God wat have I done….have never being afraid of a gul Coming around to sleep over..but this was very like I was inviting the devil to dawn wit me** AM NoT AFREID!!!!! Mhy phone ring tone brought me back from mhy taught,,,check ken mhy guy displayed on the blackberry bold 5 screen
Ken:: thaz d world bosss!!!!!
Me: owfa mhy guy
Ken: DL u don drop load way dhy Harvey me..but bros hw u wnt take rum am nw….u no say u b drama leader 4 church exco 4 dat mata
Me: nor b lie..**ken was som1 I rlly loved and making him happy was somtin I loved dong….and he is aware of mhy position in church as a part time member that he is**but I go soon hand over u no say na final nw…and buy the way..u nor trust me??
Ken: nor b u I nor trust …na mhy sis…that gul fit make u love devil nd hate God…she wost
Me: nor reason na mhy guy …me nor b st. Nw me even wost nor reason am…we’re she nw
KEn: sandra??? She don comot com your side since.she nver rech there
Me: noo….just then mhy door flung open and she walks in.wht a luggage and a beg on her shoulder..clad with only bum short and a long shirts **osalobua com and serve your son oo**

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