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[Story] Enemies (18+) — The End (Episode 12)

The day for the presentation came, and i feel so sick to my heart at the thought of smith winning. I wanted to die at the thought.
This job is the only thing not making me fall apart.. But “he deserves it too, i thought..
His ideas are epic. I wondered what’ll happen.
We are supposed to submit the slide share presentations to the general secretary the day before, and it will be presented by a neutral person to remove bias.
I sat down and felt so nervous.. This is all I’ve worked for in the last 2 months..
The presentation began and i was shocked to my marrow.. My ideas and his were seamlessly blended together.. Who did this? I wondered. His ideas perfectly complimented mine on the screen. It was magnificent. I searched for him in the boardroom and our eyes met.. He gave me a sad smile..
In that split second, i realized what he’d done.. He stole my slide shares and worked his ideas totally into it.. It must have taken all night to do that!! The gesture brought tears to my eyes.. His slide shares were never presented..
Smith stood up from among the board room members and said..
“Samantha.. ” I looked up in shock.
“I’m sorry for hurting you, and for everything I did.. I love you very much, and im willing to be punished for my wrongs.. Please forgive me..
Everyone looked on in shock. I was shocked.
“I’ve tendered my resignation letter, and I’m yours for ever”.. He walked towards me..
I just started crying.. He engulfed me in a big hug and ushered me out of the room, admist the claps and catcalls of our colleagues.
I love you, and i hope you’d forgive me.. He explained why he did it and told me I deserved to be the CFO.. With my sheer intelligence..
I got the job and Smith resigned.. To start his own webtech company..
I’m forgiving him little by little, and he’s healing the damage he caused.?


Updated: October 9, 2017 — 7:03 AM


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