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[Story] Enemies (18+) — Episode 5

I went over to his house- he sent me the address via sms.. Why i even bothered to go, i didn’t know, but all I know for sure is that im very curious, and I don’t trust him one bit. He thinks to fool me right? Im very ready for him.. I don’t go down easily.
I entered the lobby of his apartment complex and Im totally wowed.. I wondered how the apartment of my greatest enemy will look like. I’d gotten in touch wiith my mom before I came and I’ve told her everything.. She asked me to be careful and take it easy.. I purposely told that im coming here and I even sent her the address; in case something happens to me.
I rode the elevator and spied myself in its mirrors- Im dressed casually in a flowery gown and my hair perfectly coiffed. The bell dinged and i got down. I saw his door- 411, went to it and knocked.
He opened it on the 2nd knock and welcomed me in. He looked so dashing in a red suit like he’s going on a real date: I scoffed in my mind, but smiled outwardly. “Come in sam, you look absolutely beautiful” he said.
“Thank you, you look dashing yourself” i replied. What a fluke.. I looked at him in suspicion.. ” dinner is ready, let me just get the drinks” he said. I smiled and looked around in appreciation.. His place is dazzling.. Neat and extremely spacious.. Beautiful artworks were on the wall and the place is classically designed in a manly brown with hardwood floors, teak detailing and a black carpet with ash throw rugs..
The tables were glass and the chairs are also ash color.. Wow. This is magnificent.. I didn’t know why I imagined him to be a slob.. I casually moved to the dining area and my mouth watered at the tantalising aromas wafting from the covered dishes.. The dining room opened directly to the kitchen and I saw him rinsing glass cups.. I smiled in my mind and wondered what game he is playing.. ” How can he become nice after the last thing i did to him at work?” I thought to myself.. Well, that’s his business.. I just have to be careful like my mom said.

Updated: October 8, 2017 — 7:44 PM


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