[Story] Depression – Episode 23 and Episode 24 (The End)

(Story by Prisca Ezeh)
Episode 23

Just then the policemen came in armed
“Take these stupid fools away!” I shouted
“Darlington this is your mother calling!”
“We shall meet your so-called son in court facing justice!”
“Move!!or i shoot you!” One of the policemen shouted
“Baby please?” Queeneth said crying while the policemen dragged them out like thieves
“This world is so unfair..someone i called a mother and a woman i thought i was having a future with..unfortunately i have all tapes recorded in my mansion..they will truly pay for this!!”
“And as for Tola!!” I said angrily to myself
The night was so lonely and long…i drank to stupor, i was really depressed, should i forget about women and face my career or should i just kill myself..were thought moving up in my memory
The next day i didn’t wait for the crow to cry..i went straight to the station took few men with me heading to Tola’s lodge..we got there and as usual he was with ladies…i instructed the men to badge in and bring out the criminal
“Yes sir!!” They all went in
After few minutes they dragged Tola along like a criminal that he was
“Haa.. Darlington my barrister friend is here..take off your hands from me, don’t you know whose friend you are messing with?!” He bragged
I scoffed in amazement
“Please take this idiot away!!”
“Darlington it’s me oo..Tolas oo” i cared less
I booked an appointment with the court authorities and on the said day for trial, i luckily i presented the video tapes of everything…everyone wowed in amazement
“This life ehn?” Some people said
Someone else testified against mum for child trafficking and the person who did that was my biological mum..i was very happy to see her once more in my life
She narrated everything to the judge,and the judge sentenced my fake mum to life imprisonment..m
um fainted immediately, Queeneth to 5years in jail while Tola 30 years for drug abuse and molestation..
Oh Bianca wasn’t left out, she served too

(Story by Prisca Ezeh)
Episode 24

Bianca and Theresa were not left out due to their indecent sexuality, and Bianca’s father wasn’t allowed in any campaign or presidential meetings
“Court! Arise!” The judge after hitting his panel left, the court room was full of wails
“Darlington please!” Mum called out but the policemen dragged her along with others
After the court’s order, i saw my biological mum after so many years..we hugged
“Barrister Darlington so you’re my son!” She said with tears in her eyes
“Yes ma”
“Don’t call me ma, call me mum..i gave you life!”
“Okay mum” we hugged again
Just then i noticed mum was with someone, and it was a young lady in her early 20s..
“Oh this is my friend’s child..her name is Amanda”
“Oh?” Just then the spirit of Casanova returned
“Hi angel”
“Am Darling-”
“I know” she fired
Then i knew she was my perfect dose..we went home together with mum
After much courting i decided to get married to Amanda..i did all introductions and diaries and Amanda was mine
A year later she was pregnant for me
“So you think i was a depressed soul..lie lie..am strong more than you think!”


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