[Story] Depression – Episode 21 and Episode 22

(Story by Prisca Ezeh)
Episode 21

I got upstairs, showered and by then Queeneth was done with the noodles.. I took breakfast while she went upstairs to shower..i waited for her to finish breakfast..then we left together
We got into my car and she started with
“Baby I’ll be off to the supermarket and later branch to my house to get few belongings”
“Okay love” i said still keeping my eyes on the road
“Uhmm i want to know why you haven’t engaged me yet”
“I’ll do so dear..am planning on seeing the priest first”
“Okay” she said smiling
“So this woman don feel say na she get you” one mind said
After few minutes my phone ran..
Queeneth peeped to see who was calling and unfortunately it was Theresa
I picked hastily
“Hello Darlington”
“Be fast in talking”
“I want to tell you about your wife to be” i felt shocked, then i looked towards Queenth
I lowered the volume of my phone and continued
“Meet me at Hill-bread gardens, I’ll tell you everything!”
“Okay..by 8pm then”
The called ended
“Baby who was that?”
“Just a friend of mine”
We got to the firm and we alighted..
“Have a great day today my love” Queeneth said kissing me while i held her waist
Other workers in the firm kept on looking and gossiping.. I smiled
“Okay sweetheart”
I got into my office thinking as i sat down
“So all the cameras showed my mum ain’t my biological mother! Haa!!”
“And this b*tch thinks she has gotten me” i was lost in thought until i made up my mind to tell Queeneth
“This has to end!” I said to myself
“And for that woman who called herself my mum without alerting me about Queeneth’s mission must be locked up in jail

(Story by Prisca Ezeh)
Episode 22

When work was over, i told Queeneth to come home because i was going to see a cousin, i lied
“Baby when you are done please come over, am going over to see a cousin of mine”
“Alright..I’ll be home waiting” she pecked me
I left getting to my car and went off to see Theresa at Hills-bread”
It was already 7:56pm when i got there, i called her and she joined me in the car..
“Thank you for coming out” she said
“Okay..please be quick in talking, i left my wife and unborn child at home”
She gave out a wicked laughter
“Oh you think that child your said wife is carrying is yours right?”
“What do you mean?”
There was a little silence then she continued
“What i meant was that the child in her is not yours!”
“What?!..how do you know this?”
“Because your friend Tola wants your possession he is the father of the child”
“Haa..i knew it!..the cameras at home won’t ever fail me!” I said to myself
“Yes oo..Tola is the father”
“So what do you gain in telling me all this?”
“Because i love you!”
“Now get out of my car!!”
“Darlington me?”
“Yes out!”
She went out almost immediately looking frightened because of how i fired back at her
“Okay..am not, but if you ever want me..i am always here for you”
I drove off immediately
Getting home, Queeneth was done preparing dinner..i went in without responding to her greetings and without greeting mum..she stared at mum in amusement..
“What’s happening?”
“Don’t worry I’ll find out” said mum
I got to my room took off my shirt and sat on the floor still in thought when mum entered
“Haa..Darl my son”
“Don’t ever call me that..you wicked woman claiming to be my mother!..where is my mum?!”
“Darli-ngton!!..wait please, you don’t understand”
I noticed Queeneth was at the door crying already
“And you false accuser..planning to bring a bastard of a son into my house, it shall never be well with you!”
“Darlington please forgive me!” Queeneth begged kneeling at the foot of the door


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