[Story] Depression – Episode 19 and Episode 20

(Story by Prisca Ezeh)
Episode 19

“Now you’re happy?” I said
“Why not?.. A moment with you is like forever” she chuckled
“So why are you here at the office?”
“So i can’t come to my firm again?..is that what you meant?!”
“No not at all..i was surprised you came to work to scatter everywhere”
There was a brief silence
“She betrayed me!” I said
“Nevermind..what do you know sef”
“Darlington trust me”
I looked at her and said
“I love you Queeneth”
She looked so surprised and sat up
“I know my God will never fail me!” She said looking towards the ceiling
“Baby our baby still lives in me..he is growing in me!”
I looked at her, she looked so happy..i pray i wasn’t making a mistake in loving her
“Wow…can i touch?”
“Feel free”
I was scared at first but after i placed my hands on her warm stomach..something kicked, i looked at her and said in tears
“Am a father?!”
“Yes baby”
We both hugged passionately…i never wished today should end
I decided to take her home to mum..getting home, mum was sitting at the living room busying herself with a TV program..
“Mum am home”
“Oh Darl my son” she hugged me
She noticed i was with someone and recognized her immediately
“Queen my child”
“Yes mum?” She hugged her
“Come in, sit please”
I walked upstairs to my room
“So how’s our baby?”
“He is fine mum” she smiled
“So have you talked to Tola?”
“You mean the father of the child?” She whispered
“Yes na” mum said glancing towards the stairs suspiciously
“He refused oo..he said i should just put it on Darlington..he is rich and man enough to take care of the child…mum i don’t know what trouble i have landed myself into, if Darlington finds out am dead!”
“He won’t..I understand the pain of every mother, you know i am not Darlington’s biological mother, poor child..he doesn’t know”
“Keep your voice low!” Mum whispered
“Mum am back..went to change up, having a great time with your daughter-in-law to be?” I said happily coming down

(Story by Prisca Ezeh)
Episode 20

“Wow…my daughter-in-law?”
“Yes mum” i stared at her passionately
She looked surprised but calm
Just, then, Queeneth ran upstairs holding her tummy
“Baby what’s wrong?”
I followed her immediately, she ran into the bathroom and started vomiting, i smiled
“It’s okay”
“Sure it will?” She said looking confused
“Yes baby”
I cleaned her up and sat her on the bed
“Darlington i wanna tell you something”
“Go ahead, am listening”
“Uhmmm the baby’s no-t troublesome, yes troublesome”
“That’s what you wanted to say?!”
“Sure he won’t be troublesome”
“Is she okay?” mum called from a distance
“Yes ma”
“We should go down now to mum”
“Yes” she said still nervous
We came down
“Nothing bad” i said
“Oh that’s the spirit of being a mum!” mum said touching her cheeks
I just smiled
At night i left Queeneth and went downstairs to clear my head
As i was there my phone rang..it was Theresa, i refused picking, she sent messages via Sms, i read and never responded any
I was thinking until i fell asleep
“Mum why do you wanna shoot me? You’re my mother!”
“Am not!!”
She pointed the gun and cocked it’s bullet while Queeneth kept on laughing
I woke up with Queeneth’s hands on my chest
“Baby you slept here, it’s 7:20am now..we will be late for work”
“Oh yes” i got up pecking her
“Good morning” i said
“Morning love”
“Where is mum?”
“She went to see your dad”
“Okay…baby thanks for being here with me” i held her hands
“Anything for love sweetheart”
“Okay let me shower up” i said running upstairs
“Let me prepare breakfast” she responded rushing to the kitchen


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