[Story] Depression – Episode 15 and Episode 16

(Story by Prisca Ezeh)
Episode 15

Then i told her to let me have some rest, then we said our goodnight
“Marry her, marry her” the crowd said
“Will you marry me Ms Bianca?” I said smiling
She was quiet
“Say yes, yes oh, yessss!” The crowd said once more
“No!” Bianca said
My face went dull
“Why??” Just then the police came out from nowhere and handcuffed me
“Jesus! Bianca why!”
“You raped me!” She kept on crying and shouting
“No-no–ooo!!!” I woke up immediately and noticed my phone was ringing..i checked it was the alarm
“6:00am pheww it was all a dream”
I stood up, did some workouts and called Bianca to wish her a happy birthday
“Hello birthday girl”
“Hi handsome”
“Happy birthday dear”
“No its happy birthday Mrs Ezeh Bianca” she joked
“Well today’s your day”
“No no..today’s our day! I can’t wait!!” The smile on my face faded instantly
“Okay then.. Till we meet”
The call ended
“Mum am off oo” Mum ran out of her room
“To where?!”
“To the senator’s daughter birthday of course”
“Okay son”
“I’ll be off to pick someone too”
“Her name is Theresa.. I bought something from her…she wants to grace the occasion with me”
“Alright..have fun!”
As i came out in front of my car i decided to call Queeneth
“Hello Secretary Queeneth”
“Hi Barrister” she sounded dull but i cared less
“Uhmm i won’t be at work today, please cover up the office for me”
“Where are you off to?”
“Does it bother you?” I fired
“Am sorry Boss”
“Better be!”
The call ended
Then i called Theresa
“Hello Mi Amor (meaning my love)”
“Haha..Are you set?”
“Yeah..Waiting for you”
“Hold on am coming”
The call ended
I entered into my car and drove off..i got to Theresa’s street..she was living in a total local area
“Chaii..see this babe area oo!” I said to myself
“See as how dirty full road..naso dem go dy form for Instagram..”
I got in front of her gate and horned..she came out almost immediately, she was very beautiful to mention, her hips were killing, succulent lips.

(Story by Prisca Ezeh)
Episode 16

She came close to the car and i opened up the door
“Haa!!The madam herself” i jokingly said
“Haha.. Flattering me right?”
“Why will i..you look good”
“Thanks” i glanced at her once more,she smiled seductively
Then i drove off
I tried putting on a conversation
“Theresa is looking sexy oo..are you the celebrant sef” i said jokingly
“Hahaha.. Nooo”
“So what happened to your past relationship”
“Why asking?”
“Because you ain’t mentioning anyone you have in mind” she stared at me
“Well he died”
“What!!”I parked by the road side immediately
“What happened” i asked
“He died while returning from Brazil…in a plane crash”
“Am so sor-ry”
“Shhh.. It’s okay” she held my lips
She came close trying to kiss me…then our lips locked together..i felt my jnr budging out..she kissed me passionately
I held her waist..she was acting like a trained whore..she threw her legs on top of me and balanced well, kissing me from every side
Just then she was about unhooking her bra to allow me s**k..i just remembered we were at the road broad daylight..making out..i asked her to stop, stopping her from unhooking her bra totally
“Darlington why?..don’t you want me?” She said looking discouraged
“Not really..i don’t want to do this”
“If you say so” she came down and sat down adjusting her clothes
I calmed down a bit and continued driving
“Look Theresa am sorry”
“It’s okay”
I looked at her once more..she felt embarrassed looking through the window
“This one wey she climb on top you..if fit be say na witch she be..this one wey her mama and boyfriend don die” one mind said
We got at the venue and i opened the car door for her, she came down like a princess
Just then Bianca ran out screaming
“Welcome welcome baby” i looked at Theresa she felt surprised.. Then she whispered
“I’ll explain later” Theresa just faked a smile and went in with us
“Everyone!” Bianca tingled the glass cup for a brief attention
Everyone turned to listen

To be continued

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