[Story] Depression – Episode 13 and Episode 14

(Story by Prisca Ezeh)
Episode 13

Queeneth left in tears..i had to go up to mum’s room to apologize
I knocked on the door and it went open..i looked in and saw mum lying on her bed still fuming..
“Mummy am sorry” i sat close to her
“Sorry?? You say sorry for getting an innocent girl pregnant and planning to abandon your baby?”
“Mum it’s not like that”
“Then what is it like?!”
“She’s my secretary!”
“You mean you got your secretary pregnant?”
“Yes” I said bowing my head
“God!! Darlington i taught you to be a man of respect especially for women”
I looked at her
“Am sorry mum”
“Don’t sorry me..you have to make up for the dignity she lost”
“Okay i will”
I left the room feeling light.. I’ll have to apologize to Queeneth and end all of this
I went to my room and dressed up leaving to see Queeneth, got into my car and drove off.. On the highway i put on my car radio
“Hahaha .. Ms Bianca you are really getting engaged?”
“Yes oo” more laughter at the background
“So who’s the lucky guy?”
“Y’all will know soon” she chuckled
“Hello everyone this na WAZOBIA 98.5FM..Stay tuned and continue to dy enjoy una self”
I just switched it off in anger
“What is she trying to broadcast on the radio?” I said to myself
I got to Queeneth’s lodge and knocked, few seconds she opened up with tears in her eyes..she welcomed me in, i entered..her lodge was perfumed with detergent..guess she was washing
“Hi Queeneth am really sor-ry”
“Shhh..It’s okay” she held my lips with her finger
“You don’t need to apologize..as far as you’re here..it’s okay for me”
“Okay..an gonna accept the child as mine and pay for your upkeep”
“I want to be your wife..i don’t need the money!”
“No!.. I can’t stay a day thinking of you..i won’t allow some other woman take you away!”
“Listen to me” she quickly hugged me
“Please be my man”
“Stop please.. You’re a Barrister..judge in my favour!”
I kept quiet as she let go and stared at me planting a deep kiss on my lips

(Story by Prisca Ezeh)
Episode 14

“You know i do love you” she said
“Let’s end all this!”
“Unless you marry me”
I just pushed her aside and left, entered my car and drove off
I was still thinking of Queeneth and her kisses
“This girl love you die oo” the first mind said
I looked at my car seat and saw a little paper looked at it and noticed it was the number given to me at the ring shop
I quickly dialed it
“Hello” she said
“Hi you gave me your number..i bought a ring from your mall”
“Oh i told you to call by 11pm at night..am busy” she whispered
The call ended
I wondered why she gave me her number..i got home and mum was busy in the kitchen preparing only God knows
I got to my room and turn on the TV..everywhere was with the news of Bianca’s engagement
“Am in a deep mess!”
I turned it off and tried doing some workout to ease off the stress of a new born coming into my life
It was 10:59pm at the dot and decided to give the unknown lady a call..i dialed and it rang
“Hello handsome”
“Hi.. So what’s all this for?”
“Chill am Theresa..and you’re?”
“Barrister Darlington”
“Oh a barrister.. Well to cut the long story short..i guess am interested in knowing about you…would you mind?”
“Not at all Theresa..nice name”
We talked for about 4hours.. I guess she’s cool to be with
“So are you a good cook barrister”
“Yeah..my mum trained me for that” i lied
“Lucky you.. I lost my mum”
“So sorry”
“Its okay..so any bae?”
“Why asking” i smiled like a goat being led away to be slaughtered
“Nothing oo” she laughed
I promised to visit her by the weekends since tomorrow i won’t resume at the office because of Bianca’s party..
“Am attending a party..wanna come along?”
“Wow..won’t your babe hit my head when you are about proposing?”
“What babe?!” She kept quiet and said
“Nothing oo..joking sha”
Does she have any connection with Bianca’s ..how does she know i was going to propose?
Well time will tell
I kept on chatting with her until 3am dot


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