[Story] Crush To Crash – Season 2 Episode 28


Shantel! What???? I must be dreaming!!! God have mercy!!!! I screamed in tears.
What is it Meshac? Why are you screaming my fiancee’s name? Collins asked.
Shut your stinking mouth up! How dare you f–k my wife? How dare you? I gathered strength to yell.
Your wife? Baby talk to me, is this your husband? Is he the one you talked to me about? Collins asked.
Shantel bowed down her head in shame after covering herself with a towel.
Shantel, is this the best way you can treat me after marrying a barren woman like you? Where did I go wrong? I yelled in tears.
Meshac, why are you yelling at her? What are you also doing here with this plenty condoms in your hands? Ain’t you also here to f–k other women? So what is the big deal if your wife is also here to release tension? Collins asked angrily.
Collins, my God will punish you! You stand before me and spew this nonsense after f—–g my wife in your useless jollof style.
You will live to regret this, I swear, you will. I threatened.
And to you Shantel, come and pack your things out of the house! It is over between us. I stated in tears and walked out on them.
I entered room 10 to pick my clothes and the two ladies quickly came around to give me their foolish touches.
Leave me alone you prostitutes! Can’t you find any job to do? I displaced my anger on them.
Come on customer! We ain’t jobless. You just called us prostitutes, and that is our profession. We f–k p—y hungers like you for money. One of them stated unhappily.
Boss, if you are no longer interested in f—–g us, pay us and let’s leave here. Another stated.
Pay you? Have I slept with you? I angrily asked.
I argued with them till they began screaming on top of their voices. They held my shirt refusing to let go off me.
People began trooping into the room.
Meshac, the two of us who is shameless? Just look at your stupid self! Look at how embarrassed you look. Shantel insulted from the gathered crowd and walked away.
Collins paid the ladies and they freed me to go.
I walked out of the room in anger. I picked up a taxi and went home.
I met Shantel in the room on arrival.
What are you still doing here you prostitute! Didn’t I tell you to pack your things? I yelled in anger.
Pack out? Me? Meshac, you must be out of your mind! If this marriage cannot continue, then you should rather pack out. Don’t forget the documents to this house are in my name. She responded angrily too.
Instantly I toned down and broke down in tears.
Shantel, what have I done to offend you? Why are you treating me this way? Did you have to sleep with other men?
Meshac, spare me this nonsense tears!
Were you equally not in that hotel to cheat on me? Well, you were unlucky this time. Your evil intentions backfired.
Its either we both stay quietly in this marriage as cheating couple, or you pack out of this house as a divorcee. Shantel responded unremorsefully.
I wept throughout the night till the next morning.
I was so sick to even go to work.
I stayed in the house for a full week without going to work but Shantel acted unconcerned.
After a week when I got to the office, I was invited into my manager’s office.
Good morning sir, you sent for me. I said humbly.
Meshac, the company is sorry to inform you that we can no longer work with you. He announced.
Sir, please are you okay? Is that the best breakfast you can give your worker after recovering from an ailment? I asked with palpitations.
Meshac, how dare you ask if I am okay? This is a private company and we choose whom to work with. The manager yelled angrily.
Manager, you can’t sack me for no reason. I responded almost in tears.
Meshac, Mr Anthony Frimpong is a board member of this company, and he has registered his displeasure of your presence in this company.
He says your lifestyle in the outside world is an insult to this organization. He explained.
Mr Anthony Frimpong? That is Frimpong’s father. God I’m doomed. I thought in tears.
Sir, this cannot happen! My lifestyle is my private business, and I don’t see why I should loose my job due to that.
I won’t take this! I swear to sue this company. I threatened in tears.
Meshac, if you have soon forgotten, the appointment letter we gave you was a two year contract, and it expired last month.
See the accountant for the final process. He responded.
I walked out of the work premises in tears.
I drove home on top speed.
Meshac, why are you in tears? Is someone dead? Shantel asked immediately I got to the house.
Shantel, I have been sacked from the company and Frimpong’s family is behind it. I narrated.
What! You don’t say! Why would they do that? She screamed.
Why won’t they do that when everything about you brings bad luck? Shantel, I regret ever marrying you!
The heartbreak you gave me is what has led to this. Shantel why? Why did you cheat on me? I burst into tears.
Meshac or whatever you call yourself, the next time you accuse me of something we are both guilty of, you will pack out of this house.
You’ve been sacked, and that is your headache, not mine. She responded harshly.
Months passed, and I kept writing applications for employment in various companies without any feedback.
My entire life savings was used to feed.
I tried convincing Shantel to sell the car.
Meshac, why don’t we sell the house rather? I can’t afford to walk in the scorching sun everyday.
Shantel, so where do you expect us to sleep in the night after driving the car around town during the day time? I asked.
Meshac, I don’t care! You are the man, and you must provide. I won’t sell my car. She harshly responded.
I pleaded with her for so many days till she finally agreed.
I made few enquiries and I was directed to the best car dealer who would buy it at a good price.
I drove the car to the yard and we negotiated on the price.
We came to a final agreement to sell the car.
Brother Meshac, I will like to go on a test drive. I will be back in thirty minutes. He responded and took away the key.
I waited for one full hour, but he was not coming.
I then decided to ask those around if they had his phone number.
Sir, I am looking for the number of the owner of this place. I inquired.
The owner of this place is in the office. We are the sales personnel here. He responded.
Please are you here to buy a car? He inquired.
No bro, I came to sell my car and the owner of this shop has taken it away on a test drive. He asked me to wait for 30minutes and I have waited over an hour now. I narrated.
What! I can’t believe this is happening in this shop again! He exclaimed.
What do you mean by that bro, and why are you screaming this loud? I asked nervously.

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