[Story] Crush To Crash – Season 2 Episode 27


D–n you Meshac! I can’t stand here and watch you insult me. She responded angrily and walked out on me.
Shantel and I quarreled almost every second.
I hated to see her presence in the house.
She began staying out late in the nights.
Shantel, what is happening to you? Why do you stay out this late? Don’t forget you are a married woman. I cautioned unhappily.
Meshac, my next door neighbor has introduced me to a powerful pastor who is helping me in prayers to conceive. No strings attached. She responded and walked pass me into the bedroom.
I followed her there to talk to her.
Shants, I know I have not been fair to you lately, but please forgive me. You know how it feels to be childless after all the sexual styles I give you. I know how you feel right now, and I must say I feel same. Let’s put the quarrels behind us and support ourselves with prayers. I talked calmly.
I hold nothing against you Meshac, I have just learnt to move on with God on my side. She responded.
Days passed, and the problems in my home began weighing me down. I could neither eat nor sleep.
My input at work reduced drastically.
Meshac, what is eating you up lately? You don’t look cheerful these days. My working colleague Collins inquired.
Nothing really my brother, I am fine. I lied.
You are not fine, and you know it. Please confine in me. He insisted.
My brother, it is about my wife. She’s been childless ever since we got married.
I have used all my money on check ups and treatments in various hospitals. As I speak to you, I am broke and depressed. I explained.
Meshac, we have not been the best of friends, but I know you to be a master in this game. Why would you allow this simple issue to weigh you down? He asked.
Collins, this is about marriage and not ordinary relationship.
I love my wife so much, and I want the marriage to work. I responded.
Meshac, you don’t know what you are talking about. If you meet other women who are more beautiful and sexier than your wife, you won’t bother loving your wife. He responded confidently.
Beautiful than my wife? Collins are you sure?
My wife is a black American oooo. I stated.
Forget it Meshac. As I speak to you, I am dating one of the most beautiful women alive. She is silky and sexy. H—y every minute, and possesses an English speaking p—y. He responded.
Collins you don’t say! Wow, I can’t wait to see that angel. I exclaimed happily.
Just look at how you are smiling instantly.
Meshac, you will smile more than this if you follow me to Pussies Night Club this coming Friday. There are lots of women, I mean spicy women to ejaculate your problems into.
There is even this friend of my fiancee who is equally beautiful. I can link you guys up. He explained.
Deal my brother! Let’s meet on Friday. The name of the club is even an aphrodisiac. Just look at how erected my c–k is. I playfully responded.
Days passed, and it was finally Friday.
I waited patiently for Shantel to step out to her stupid all night prayers before stepping out too.
I joined my friend in his car and off, we sped.
We got to the club and it was a sight to behold.
Come and see “Maggie” and “Onga” girls. Very spicy and tasty.
My d–k refused to go down when I began dancing with them.
Meshac my brother, have fun, my fiancee is waiting for me in one of the rooms. He stated and began walking away.
Hey Collins, don’t go yet.
How do I get one of the rooms after making my selection? I asked.
Less I forget Meshac, I have booked room 10 for you and I am occupying room 11. See the receptionist for your key.
If anything, don’t hesitate to call on me. He responded and walked away.
I made my selection and took two girls with me to my room.
They pushed me on the bed and they started licking every part of my body.
When I tried to penetrate them, they requested for a condom.
I hurriedly went out to knock at Collins’ door.
Meshac what’s up? Why are you standing here with this hard erected c–k? He asked.
Charlie, help me. I need condoms. I responded.
Come inside and pick the quantity you want. He ushered me inn.
Wait a minute, where is your woman? You know I can’t stand her with this erection. I said.
Hurry inside my brother. She is in the washroom.
I just finished giving her one hot jollof style. Mix mix. He explained teasingly.
I hurried inside to take the condoms!
Seconds after I picked the condoms, his fiancee walked into the room naked.
Instantly I fell down on the floor.
Shantel! What?????????
God have mercy! I must be dreaming! I screamed in tears.

To be continued…

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