[Story] Crush To Crash – Season 2 Episode 26



Pastor Otu, since it is confession time, please have a seat and tell me what exactly happened. I responded.
Meshac, it is a long story, but I will make it short. He began.
Three months after you left the house, I was making love to my wife and during her groaning mood, she mentioned Yaw’s name.
Aaaaaahhhhh Yaw! You are so sweet. She moaned.
She didn’t even realize what she has done.
It pierced me like a sword, but I had to remain calm to gain enough evidence.
I then hid cameras everywhere in the house and informed them I was traveling.
I returned a week’s time to watch what the camera caught, and truly, the two of them had made series of love in my absence.
They had also planned to poison me on my return to inherit my assets.
I picked the evidence and reported them to the police.
As I speak to you, the both of them are in prison. He concluded.
Wow! What a beautiful love story. I am glad I have finally been vindicated.
Anyway, it is normal in this modern world to snatch somebody’s woman, or for somebody to snatch your woman.
Even WHO says it is healthy to go through such experience. I sarcastically responded.
Meshac, please, I need you back in the church.
Through me, God lost a saved soul and I want to bring him back to the church to avoid His wrath.
Meshac my brother, please come back to the church. He pleaded.
Pastor Otu, heaven was what I was targeting when I followed you to church, and as you can see, I am already there.
Turn around and see one of God’s sexy and favorite angels sitting right beside me. Yes, Angel Shantel. I responded.
Meshac please this is blasphemy, don’t talk like this. He responded unhappily.
Blasphemy you say? Where was that word when you were throwing me out of your house?
When you had your own old and used angel in your house, you forgot about the kingdom of God and your purpose as a pastor. You hastily threw me out of the house to suffer.
Pastor Otu or whatever you call yourself, leave my house this minute before I call my dogs on you. I threatened angrily.
Meshac, I know you are hurt, but please forgive me.
The doors of the church is always opened to welcome you. He stated sadly.
Less I forget man of God, are you aware your b—m friend Joshua is the reason why I didn’t marry Esi? He f—-d all the sweetness out if her and I had no option than to break up with her. I narrated.
What???? Meshac, are you sure about this? He screamed.
What will I be lying to you for? After all, I don’t depend on you anymore. I responded.
I can’t take this! Brother Joshua must be excommunicated from the church. He screamed in pain and walked out of the house on top speed.
As usual, he believes everything people tell him.
A pastor who refuses to pray over issues before believing them, is that one too a pastor? I teased as he drive out of the house.
My wife and I burst into laughter when he left.
Two years after marrying Shantel, she lost her parents to a road traffic accident in the states.
It was a tough moment for her but I had to do my best to console her.
I don’t know why all these are happening to us.
We’ve been married for two years, and there is no child.
Whiles praying for a miracle to happen, your parents who are supporting us financially, are also gone. I complained bitterly.
Meshac, is that all you can say? I am mourning my parents, and you are busy talking about childbirth and finances. Is that how mean you can be? She angrily responded.
Shantel, what is wrong with what I just said?
Prove me wrong if I am lying! Is there any child in this house? I angrily asked.
We both began quarrelling from that moment.
Shantel became so broke since her parents were no more, and she had squandered all the money they left behind.
She solely depended on me for everything, and I was gradually getting fed up.
Meshac, you are gradually changing. Is everything alright? She one day asked.
Shantel, everything can not be alright when I have no child of my own.
I need children! I candidly responded.
Meshac, the last time we went to the hospital, we were told everything is alright. Please, let’s exercise patience. She pleaded.
Shantel, there is no time to waste. If I die right now, who is going to inherit my property? I angrily asked.
Meshac, me of course! Is this something to worry about? She responded foolishly.
Shantel, what kind of stupid answer is that? If you think I will die before you, then I am sorry!
The day I will die, put it at the back of your mind that, we are dying together.
I can’t die and leave a barren woman like you to enjoy my sweats. I angrily insulted.
Meshac, I least expected you to talk to me this way. Which of your exes is like me? Which of them is beautiful like me? Shantel unhappily asked.
Beauty? What is the essence of beauty that is unable to reproduce?
What at all have I put myself into? I should have allowed Frimpong to carry his bad luck. I insulted.
D–n you Meshac! I can’t stand here and watch you insult me. She responded angrily and walked out on me.

To be continued…

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