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[Story] Crush To Crash – Season 2 Episode 23


She is my future wife, and I must move heaven to earth to make it possible. I thought in pain.
Shantel, if every word will earn me a slap, so be it!
Few hours ago, you told me you had broken up with Frimpong, so how did you expect me to send you to his house in your drunken state?
Do you want him to rape you? Answer me, do you? I yelled back.
Shantel, if this is the reward I get, for abandoning my home to be your watch dog, then I am disappointed in charity. Yes I am. I continued in tears.
Meshac I am sorry, I didn’t know you had that good intention for me. I thought you simply wanted to take advantage of me. She responded in remorse.
Take advantage of you? Did you see where I was laying when you woke up?
I have a bed in my home, yet, I chose to sleep on the floor for your safety sake. Shants, is that not enough sacrifice to earn me a common thank you? I asked.
Mesh please forgive me. I have now realized the kind of gentleman you are. Please forgive me. She apologized.
I hold nothing against you Shantel. I will continuously sacrifice my happiness to undo your sorrows. You mean a lot to me. I responded softly.
Thank you Marshac, but if indeed you have forgiven me, please give me a hug. She requested.
Wow! Meshac, even though we are in April, but merry Christmas to you. I thought happily and opened my arms wide to hug her.
She hugged me so tight without wanting to let go off me.
Slowly, she began staring into my eyes.
Mesh, I have never seen any man like you. A man who can sacrifice his comfort to ensure mine.
A man who chooses to be my watch dog when I am asleep.
A man whose heart is million times broken, but mending mine. Mesh, you are one in a million. She seductively muttered.
I couldn’t believe my ears.
I can’t believe I’ve won. I can’t believe I am celebrating Christmas in April.
I simply can’t believe I have won an election without campaigning. I thought.
Why did I even trouble my heart so much when this was destined to be easy? I further thought.
She held my chin and tried kissing me.
No Shants, I can’t do this. I resisted in pretence.
Why Meshac? What is wrong? Am I not good enough? Am I not beautiful enough? She worriedly asked.
Shants, you are everything in a woman, but I simply can’t do this. How will Frimpong take this if he finds out? And how long is this going to last when you are almost gone back to the states? I acted.
Who cares about Frimpong anyway? Meshac, this is you and I. Any other person is secondary. I swear, my heart is beating so fast, and for the first time, I am crushing so hard on a man. Mesh please, give me chance for us to happen. She whispered softly.
Shants, how long will this last? I asked again.
Mesh, I don’t ask when, because I know only of forever! Give me a chance to stay by you, live by you, and die with you. She responded sweetly.
Meshac, if you are dreaming please wake up. This sounds too good to be true.
I still can’t believe Shantel is confessing her love for me. I thought quickly.
Shants, don’t you think you are doing this to pay back my friend for the pains he has caused you? I asked.
Never! Why would I use a broken weapon to go for war? Mesh, I know you are broken. I know you are sad for the betrayal Frimpong has caused you, and I can never top it up with more pain. You don’t deserve that from me. She convinced.
I will need time to think about this Shantel. I am too confused to think straight. I responded and went back to sleep on the floor.
Shantel did all she can to make love with me, but I turned her down.
The strength of a man is not when he has an erection, it is when he activates the dysfunction button of his erection during a sexual attraction. I thought happily.

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