[Story] Crush To Crash – Season 2 Episode 21


The crush is too much to bear. I can’t live without Shantel, I just can’t. I thought further.
Seconds later, she descended from the stairs in haste.
I simply couldn’t take my eyes off her soft glittering skin. She was looking more than a goddess.
Meshac, are you alright? We are supposed to be heading towards your house and here you are staring at me.
I’ve called you for almost a minute now, but you seem lost in thoughts. Shantel talked in anger.
Don’t be angry Shantel, what I am going through right now is suicidal. I can’t think straight, I am indeed going through hell. I responded smartly.
I am going through pains too Meshac, that is why we should be on our way to your house. She responded.
We quickly drove out of the house to my house.
When we got to the gate, we parked her car at the entrance to prevent Aba and Frimpong from covering up the evidence.
When we entered the compound, Frimpong’s car was nowhere to be found.
What! Where is Frimpong? I hope he is not gone? I thought and checked my time.
Unfortunately, I was 10minutes behind time.
God save me! This plan must not backfire. I must win this game to have Shantel. I need Shantel in my life. I thought nervously.
We both tiptoed into the sitting room and the duo were not there.
We changed our direction into the bedroom and Aba was the only one laying on the bed naked.
Immediately she saw us, she screamed and pulled the cloth to cover herself.
Meshac, I thought you traveled. She panicky asked.
Instantly, I fell down heavily on the floor.
I can’t believe this plan has backfired. I can’t! I thought almost in tears.
Meshac, where the hell is he? Shantel yelled at me.
Quickly, Frimpong rushed out from the washroom naked.
Immediately I saw him, I regained my strength to stand up again on my feet.
I began taking pictures of him and Aba.
Frimpong! What in God’s name are you doing here naked? Is this the village you talked about? Talk to me before I do something nasty! Shantel yelled on top of her voice.
What is happening here Meshac? Frimpong asked almost in tears but I kept my head down in silence and crocodile tears after I have taken enough pictures for evidence to sack Aba from the house.
Shantel please, I can explain. It isn’t what you think. Frimpong pleaded with his fiance.
I never knew you were this pathetic! You disgust me!
If this is the reason why you brought me into this country, then I will go back. Shantel threatened and walked out.
Immediately I heard that, I followed her in haste to the car.
Shants, please don’t go yet! You can’t leave me in this pain I am going through.
You are like a sister I never had, and your presence alone will heal my wounds. Please don’t go back to the states. I pleaded in tears before she drove off in anger.
When I was returning to the house, I met Frimpong at the gate.
Meshac, I don’t understand this whole scenario.
How did Shantel find me here? Talk to me!!!! He yelled in tears and anger.
Frimps, please calm down. As it stands now, I am as confused as you are.
I don’t know how she found out. Please go home and talk to her not to leave, I will personally come to the house tomorrow to settle the problem. I responded and walked pass him in haste into the house.
Immediately I got to the room, Aba went down on her knees.
Meshac please have mercy on me. I don’t know what came over me. She pleaded in remorse.
Aba, did you see the pictures I snapped?
In this city, it is a taboo for an engaged woman to sleep with her husband’s best friend. If I show these pictures to the police, you will be arrested and thrown into jail. I threatened.
Aba, if you know what is good for you, pack your things this minute and run out from this city, because, even if I don’t report you to the police, Frimpong’s fiancee will. I threatened.
Meshac please, help me stay in this city! I can’t afford to loose you. She pleaded in tears still.
Immediately, I faked a call.
Hello district police commander, yes I am Meshac. Yes please the incident happened in my house.
Commander please don’t come! The lady has run away. Yes, Aba is no longer in this house. If you doubt me, you can personally come to check. I talked plenty and hanged up.
Meshac, was that the police? She screamed in fear.
Yes Aba. Shantel has reported you. Please run! Pack your things and leave this very minute! I threatened.
She hurried to the bedroom, packed her belongings and off, she sped.
I burst into uncontrollable laughter when I saw her running on top speed.
Indeed, illiteracy is a mental condition. Look at how she is running like a jet.
I can’t believe a villager like Aba was also capable of cheating. The last time I checked, village girls were the most faithful, but due to climatic change, they have also changed. Their libido has also upgraded. I teasingly thought.
Minutes later, I had a call from Frimpong.
God, I hope Shantel has not mentioned my name to him as the whistle blower. I thought in fear.

To be continued…

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