[Story] Crush To Crash – Season 2 Episode 20


Wow! This one stone must kill two birds. I must eject the end, and embrace a beginning. I thought.
Two days later, Frimpong invited me out for a final agreement on the plan.
Meshac, I am not so happy seeing you this way. You are gradually loosing weight and I believe it is about Aba. He said.
No Frimps! I screamed.
No? What do you mean by no? He asked.
I mean yes! Aba is gradually taking away my happiness. I lied.
Frimpong, I wish you could understand how I feel towards Shantel. I wish I could tell you to leave her for me. I thought quickly.
Meshac, please stop thinking and bring your mind here. He interrupted.
I have already informed Shantel that, I will be travelling to the village in two days time, so quickly do same to Aba when you get home.
Everything will soon be fine, and Aba will be off your shoulders. He assured.
I did exactly as he said.
Two days later, I packed up my things and embarked on my fake journey.
I called Frimpong to confirm whether he has also left home.
I will leave home in an hour’s time. Do well to bump into us within two hours.
Meshac, please don’t be late. I can’t lay naked with her for a long time. Besides, like we agreed on, I ain’t going to have s-x with her. He explained.
Alright my brother, I will do as you say. I responded.
Mesh, before you hang up, I want you to know that I am doing this for the love I have for you as a brother. This must stay between us. Frimpong added and hanged up.
In an hour and half time, I hurried to Frimpong’s house in a very sad mood.
Meshac, welcome home, but your friend has traveled. Didn’t he inform you? Shantel asked immediately I got into the house.
Suddenly, I broke down in tears.
Meshac, what is it again? Why these tears again? She sexily asked.
Shantel, I thought Frimpong was my friend, but he has deeply pierced my heart. I responded sadly.
What are you saying Meshac? I know the two of you to be long time friends, so what are you saying? Shantel asked confusedly.
Shantel, I never knew all the problems I have been facing in my relationship is as a result of Frimpong.
You can’t believe it if I tell you Frimpong is having an affair with my fiancee. I narrated.
God forbid Meshac! What the hell are you talking about? Frimpong is my fiance and he has never shown any sign of infidelity since we started this relationship.
Besides, we will be getting married in two months time, so why would he do that? Shantel responded almost in tears.
Wow! This is a timely intervention. If I had not done this, Frimpong would have married my future wife Shantel. I thought quickly.
Shantel, I was in doubts when I heard this news from my neighbors for the first time, until I began monitoring Frimpong’s movements. That was when I confirmed my suspicions. I narrated.
As I speak to you now, Frimpong is in my house making love to my fiancee.
I lied to my fiancee that I was traveling, I as well informed Frimpong too, and quickly, he drove into my house when I was still hiding in the compound. I narrated further.
Shantel, I know you don’t believe me, but please, in order to know the kind of man you are about to get married to, I want you to follow me to my house to see things for yourself. I suggested.
Sure Meshac, let me change into something better and come. She responded almost in anger and run upstairs.
I can’t wait. I just can’t wait for Shantel to see Frimpong laying naked beside Aba.
This is my only chance to separate them to have my way with her. I thought.
The crush is too much to bear. I can’t live without Shantel, I just can’t. I thought further.

To be continued…

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