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[Story] Crush To Crash – Season 2 Episode 19


Forget about my fiancee and let’s talk. What is bothering you? He dismissed my question with a question.
Frimpong, you can’t believe how merciless Aba has beaten me. I narrated.
Beaten you? Meshac, what at all have you gotten yourself into?
What kind of tigress is she? Frimpong responded angrily.
Frimpong please help me ooo help me. My life is in total mess. I pleaded in tears.
Frimpong and I planned on how to deal with Aba.
I got home that evening in relief. Even though Aba was my headache, Frimpong’s fiancee Shantel Jackson became my stomach ache.
I began to crush so hard on her. Days passed and I could neither eat nor sleep.
One day, I went to the city’s lover’s park to have a quiet time. Whiles sitting down with my head down, I felt someone hugging me from behind.
I quickly turned and it was Shantel, Frimpong’s fiancee.
Hello Shants, where is Frimpong? I asked.
Mesh, Frimpong has traveled to his village and I decided to come and have a quiet time here. She responded.
Meshac, there is something I want to tell you. Ever since I saw you, I have never been able to sleep. Your eyes pierce my heart so deep.
Your body is like a mirror I see myself through.
Mesh I have fallen head over heels in love with you. She whispered seductively.
I hurriedly stood up from the chair in happiness and began kissing her.
Just then, I felt a heavy slap on my face and quickly I woke up.
Meshac what is wrong with you? Why are you chewing my hair? Aba yelled angrily.
God, so I was dreaming all these while? I thought.
Meshac, I am asking you a question. What in God’s name is wrong with you?
Last night, you bit my cheeks whiles sleeping, and today, it is my hair. What is wrong with you? She asked again.
Aba please forgive me. I was dreaming. I responded in disappointment.
What kind of dream will push you to chew my hair? Talk to me. She asked.
I dreamt that, you and I were getting married, and out of ecstasy, I was chewing all the meat that was served at the ceremony. I lied to avoid her wrath.
Wow! I can’t believe this. Meshac, if it is about our marriage, then go back to sleep and dream some more. In fact chew my entire body whiles dreaming. I simply can’t wait for that day when you will put your ring on my finger. Aba responded happily.
Look at her boxing face and thighs. Her farming palms and football calves. Marry you? You think I am stupid. I thought in insults and went back to sleep.
The next morning, Frimpong visited.
I introduced Aba to him quickly to start the action.
Aba, meet my b—m friend Frimpong. He just returned from the States. He is so rich, and as you can see, very handsome.
Can you believe that, he is single, and all the women in this city are dying to have him? I narrated.
I can see he is very handsome. He looks rich as well. Any woman who will marry him is lucky. Aba responded happily.
Look at that village fool! No civilised woman will compliment her fiance’s friend like this. I thought angrily but acted calm to make things work.
Hours later, I informed Frimpong that I was going to buy something at the road side.
Frimps, let me get some drinks at the road side and come. I informed and walked out.
I stay a bit longer till I felt a good result was waiting for me.
Immediately I got back home, Frimpong asked permission to leave and I escorted him to his car.
Frimps how far? Anything positive? I asked.
Yes Meshac, she looks tough but very weak.
I started by complimenting her looks, and she seemed to be loving it, so I asked when she will be free to visit me, and she said she will first of all have to inform you.
In order to make things look real, I obliged. Frimpong narrated.
Thankfully, we are making progress. Thanks my brother from another sperm. I responded happily.
So what next? I asked with excitement.
In case she asks permission from you, grant her with immediate effect.
Schedule a fake traveling day and communicate it to her. That will be the day I will come to your house to finish the assignment. Frimpong explained.
What about Shantel, what are you going to tell her? I hope you will not let her inn on this? I asked.
Not at all Mesh, same way you will do to Aba, I will also tell her I am traveling to the village. Frimpong added.
Wow! This one stone must kill two birds.
I must eject the end, and embrace a beginning. I thought.

To be continued…

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