[Story] Crush To Crash – Season 2 Episode 18


We talked and drank till late in the night when I went home.
I knocked on the door severally but Aba refused to open the door.
Meshac, go back to where you are coming from. You and I cannot sleep together in this room tonight. She responded from the bedroom.
Aba please open the door and let me explain things to you. I pleaded.
She ignored my plea. I had no option than to sleep behind the door till morning.
I was still deeply asleep when I felt someone pouring something on me.
I quickly woke up with a loud scream.
What is that? Aba, what have you poured on me? I asked in fear.
Smell it for yourself Meshac. She responded and walked out on me into the room.
Jeeeezzzz! So Aba has the guts to pour urine on me? I won’t take this, never! I walked into the room in anger and pounced on Aba.
She struggled with me and turned me down on the floor.
At a point, I thought 100 tigers had pounced on me.
Aba gave me the perfect beatings of my life. I laid down on the floor in pain.
Meshac, what were you thinking? That you can beat me? You must be kidding!
Today is your initiation day into the world of boxing, so I have spared you.
The next time you try that nonsense, you will swim in faeces. She bushily threatened.
Aba, I only decided to romantically handle you, if not, you wouldn’t be here bragging. I shamefully responded.
No wonder this lady raggy talks. She is a village girl with village strength. I thought.
I managed to walk into the bathroom to bath and step out since I was on annual leave from work.
When I finished and was stepping out, Aba confronted me.
Meshac, where do you think you are going to? She asked.
Aba, I think I am having an internal bleeding so I am going to the hospital. I responded.
Mesh I am sorry for any pain I have just caused you, please forgive me. She calmly and shamefully apologised.
Because of the love I have for you Aba, I hold nothing against you. I forgave you before you thought of apologizing. I responded in pretence.
Thanks my love. Please go to the hospital and come. I will be here waiting. She responded.
I walked out and headed to Frimpong’s house.
Even though we agreed on an afternoon visit, I had to break the agreement because I was desperate to get Aba off my shoulders.
When I got to the house, I saw a beautiful sexy lady, brown in complexion, long legged, pointed nose, silky hair and bright round eyeballs in the sitting room watching news on the television.
I could neither talk nor move. I stood motionlessly staring at her from head to toe.
Gentleman who are you? And what do you want here? She asked with a smooth banana voice.
Her voice was as smooth as a tomato puree, no lumps, no nothing.
Hello, am I talking to someone? Please whom are you looking for? She asked again.
She sounded as if she was singing a cool music. Treble tone and slurring on point.
Meshac my brother, what is happening? Frimpong interrupted my view from upstairs.
Eeerrmmm Frimpong, forgive me, I left my teeth in the house and that is what I am thinking about. I responded confusedly.
Your teeth? Meshac are you alright? He asked and hurriedly descended from the stairs.
Sorry Frimps, I mean my legs. I didn’t even know what I was saying. I corrected my error with a graduated error.
Mesh please have a seat. You are too confused to be standing still. Frimpong said and helped me to sit down.
Meshac, we agreed on meeting in the afternoon, but here you are this early.
Aside that, your incoherent speech is also a clear evident that, everything is not alright with you. Talk to me, what is it? He inquired.
Quickly, I bowed down my head in crocodile tears to cover my shame.
Meshac please stop it. Don’t embarrass yourself before my fiancee. Frimpong whispered in consolation.
Hurriedly, the lady came to sit closer to me.
Meshac please talk to us, what is eating you up?
I have heard a lot about you, and the first time I am meeting you, you are in tears. What is it? She asked and placed her hand on my shoulder.
Take me away heaven! Is this someone’s palm or a newly born baby’s buttocks.
So soft like a government loan. God, I wish this moment never ends. I thought.
I intensified my cry to get more attention from her.
Immediately, I gave out the loud cry, she stood up.
This is not happening! D–n, I can’t stand this. She slanged and run upstairs into her room.
F–k! I have spoilt the game. I thought in disappointment and quickly cut the nonsense tears.
Meshac, did you have to do this in front of my fiancee? What at all is it that you cannot control? Frimpong asked unhappily.
Forgive me Frimpong. I have messed up. Will your fiancee ever forgive me? I asked worriedly.
Forget about my fiancee and let’s talk. What is bothering you? He dismissed my question with a question.

To be continued…

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