[Story] Crush To Crash – Season 2 Episode 17


That is no problem at all bro, consider your problems solved in a week’s time. He responded and hanged up.
Days passed into weeks and Frimpong finally arrived in the country.
I couldn’t believe my eyes on how handsome Frimpong had grown up to be.
We went out the eve after his arrival to have fun.
You are looking incredibly good Frimpong. I can see goodness written all over you. I complimented.
You ain’t looking bad yourself Meshac. Just look at you, your complexion, your masculine self and your dark shiny beard. Frimpong complimented back.
Cut the joke Frimpong, why are you complimenting me like a woman. I playfully responded.
We both laughed over it and began catching up with the old times.
Talk to me Mesh, tell me everything I need to know.
What happened to your faith? How is Pastor Otu taking it? How you managed to jilt your illiterate Esi and the new devil you talked about the last time we spoke. Frimpong inquired.
Hmmmm my brother, I have gone through a lot lately.
You know Pastor Otu is my biological brother, and he is ready to sacrifice his life to ensure my happiness. I bragged.
Pastor Otu suggested I travel to the states to further my education after my first degree but I turned him down.
He got so angry with me and threatened to disown me as his brother. That was the beginning of our separation.
After weeks of misunderstanding, he went ahead to marry a prostitute. I narrated in lies.
Mesh, this your story is a bit surprising. You’ve always yearned to travel oversees, so why did you turn the offer down when it came? Frimpong asked.
Frimpong, not anymore. I want to stay in this country and make something meaningful out of my life. I don’t fancy traveling any longer. I lied.
Well, that is your life, and the decisions you make are solely yours, but may I know how you got to know that your brother’s newly married wife is a prostitute? He asked.
Frimpong, I caught the woman red handed with my brother’s security guard having s-x. And when I threatened to expose them, they rather framed me up and my brother believed them. I explained.
What! Your own brother chose strangers over you? Mesh, are you sure Pastor Otu is your Blood brother? Frimpong exclaimed in shock.
Frimps, have I ever lied to you before? He is my blood brother for real. I lied.
So how come you left the house? Did he throw you out? He asked.
Can he try that nonsense? I rather packed out of the house in anger and he doesn’t even know where I am right now to come and apologize. I bragged.
Anyway, everything happens for a reason and I know, God has a reason for allowing all these happen.
Look at you now, you have a job that feeds you, so what else? Frimpong rhetorically asked.
Now tell me, who is this new witch of a lady pestering your life? He asked.
I narrated how I jilted Esi through her sister Aba, and how Aba has turned out to be a torn in my flesh.
Meshac! This is serious! You went overboard. How can you jilt a humble devil for an aggressive one? Are you mad? Frimpong responded unhappily.
I know I have messed up Frimps, but I did that to make things easier. I explained.
No Meshac, this is the most easiest complicated thing you’ve ever done. Sounds ironical right? But that is the truth. It won’t be easy dealing with such a tough illiterate. Frimpong responded.
My brother, you need to help me. Please help me to save my life. I pleaded.
Most definitely I will help you. I will think of something tomorrow, so let’s meet in my house in the afternoon. He stated.
Thanks bro, thanks a lot. I responded happily.
Anyway, where is your fiancee? I thought you would come with her for at least an introduction. I asked.
Sorry Mesh, she is so tired and pleaded to rest.
The introduction will be tomorrow when you come to the house.
We talked and drank till late in the night when I went home.

To be continued…

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