[Story] Crush To Crash – Season 2 Episode 15



One late evening, after we returned from our usual outing, Esi confronted us.
Meshac, what is happening? It is true that I don’t like outing, but going out with Aba and coming home this late is unacceptable! I can no longer tolerate it.
What are you insinuating Esi? Are you saying I have something intimate doing with your sister? I asked.
I never said so Meshac, I am only registering my displeasure. She responded.
Esi, we have had enough of you in this house. Why do you keep complaining about any little thing? Is it a crime now, to go out with Meshac? Aba disrespectfully responded.
Aba, why are you talking to me like this? What have I done wrong for telling you what I don’t like? Or is it because I am jobless? Esi sadly asked.
Well, that might be a factor. Your joblessness is what is making you unhappy and not Meshac and I.
I have money to go out and come in anytime I want, whereas money to buy water is even a problem for you to come buy. Please, don’t displace your unhappiness on us. Aba harshly talked.
What has come over you Aba! Why are you talking to sister Esi this way? Are you the only person who works to feed her in this house? Kukua angrily responded.
Shut up your mouth you little brat. The next time you talk to me this way, you will smell pepper. Aba cut in angrily.
It’s ok Aba, just hold your peace and go to bed. You are too tired to stress yourself over naggers. I intervened and we went to bed.
I could see Esi’s eyes filled with tears, but that was none of my business. I was bent on ejecting her out of my life.
The next day, Esi woke up very early in the morning, bathed, dressed up and ready to step out.
Meshac, please, I am going in search of a job, I will be back later in the evening. She sadly informed and walked away.
Kukua also prepared and left to work.
On hearing this, Aba decided not to go to work, but spend quality time with me in the house, since Saturdays were my off days.
Aba and I were all over each other. We hugged and conversed happily.
As s-x addicts as most virgins turn out to be, Aba was on my neck to make love to her.
We began touching, smooching and kissing.
I carried her to the bed, and stripped ourselves naked.
Just when I climbed up on her, Esi and Kukua walked into the room.
What! Aba! Meshac! So what Kukua told me is true!
Meshac, so you’ve been making love to my blood sister right under my nose! Esi exclaimed in tears of shock.
I told you sister Esi! I told you I suspected them. Kukua angrily responded.
Yes Esi, you have caught us and so what?
Meshac no longer wants you. He has fallen head over heels in love with me. What can you do about that? Aba confidently responded.
God I am dizzy! Somebody hold me! Somebody help me! Esi screamed in pain.
Meshac, you are so wicked! God will never forgive you for this pain you are causing an innocent soul. Kukua cursed.
Kukua or whatever you call yourself, if there is somebody to curse, it should be your sister.
It is your sister who is wicked and not me. What extraordinary sin have I committed? I only made love to Aba, and it is no big deal.
Esi here, is the one who murdered your parents!
Yes, she is the one who poisoned your parents in order to sell their land to see me through school.
Such a wicked soul can never be my wife! I exposed Esi.
Whaaaaaaat! Jehovah Nissi!
Esi, tell us it’s not true! Aba and Kukua chorused.
Instantly, Esi broke down in tears.
Oh Meshac, why are you doing this to me? Why are you tearing my family apart? She asked.
So this is true! Esi, you are so wicked and God will punish you! Aba insulted.
This is too much to listen to. I can’t stand this! I must go back to the village! I can’t belong to this family. Kukua stated and began parking her clothes.
Esi, the only family I knew was my parents. Though they were poor, they did everything humanly possible to make us happy.
Their only crime was to prevent you from dating this wicked man Meshac. You went ahead to take their innocent lives. You poisoned our joy and hope.
Esi, the God I serve, will never forgive you. You will suffer more than they suffered. Death will be your portion, but before then, bitterness will be your companion. If indeed the God I serve is alive, may he cause you eternal pain. Even if you drink water, may it be a stone in your throat to cause you pain. Kukua cursed in tears.
And to you Aba, the path you’ve chosen is your doom. This happiness you claim you have found, will be your doom. It is written in Mathew 26:52 that, “He who pulls the sword, dies at the edge of the sword”. You decided to take somebody’s happiness, so will someone take it away from you. Kukua added and walked out with her bag.
Esi burst into uncontrollable tears.
Well Esi, congratulations for the pain you’ve just caused yourself. You have successfully activated your eternal pain, and you alone will bear. Aba insulted.
Aba, I have good news for you. I have rented a new apartment for the two of us. Just pack the things and let’s move out of this cursed room. I stated and we began packing.
Immediately we finished and was stepping out, Esi fell heavily on the floor.
Meshac, what is happening? Is she alright? Aba asked in fear.
Nothing serious Aba, out of shock, she has collapsed. She will wake up later.
Please let’s leave here. I answered and we walked out on Esi’s unconscious body.

To be continued…

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