[Story] Crush To Crash – Season 2 Episode 14



Bingo! This is it! This plan must work at all cost. I thought smartly.
Aba, are you sure I look handsome? This is the first time someone is telling me this. I stated.
I can’t believe this Meshac! You mean my sister never told you? She asked.
Never dear. Do you now see the reason why I most times quarrel with your sister? I rhetorically asked.
Pardon her Meshac, you and I know how timid my sister is. She responded.
But on a more serious note Aba, if I had seen you earlier back in the village, I wouldn’t have proposed to Esi.
You are more beautiful, intelligent and sexy. I complimented.
Meshac, what has come over you? Stop it! You are making me blush too much. She shyly responded.
Move to stage two Meshac, your game plan is almost successful. A voice told me.
I gently stood up and walked towards her in the chair.
I held her onto her feet and gave her the most deepest gaze ever.
In a low confused voice, she asked. Mesh what is happening? Why are you making me feel this uncomfortable?
Aba, if beauty is human, then it’s you.
If USA is human, then it’s you because you are beautifully organized.
If heaven is human, then it is you because you are perfectly created.
If “superbet” is human, then it is you because you are a gift without labour.
I can go on and on, but all I want to tell you is that, my heart finds peace in your presence.
My d–k finds erection in the thought of your nakedness.
My lips fancies kissing with a look at your lips.
Aba, I know you are a virgin, but let me proudly take it away to ease your burden.
I know you are strong hearted, but let me melt it with a single penetration.
When you were not created, the earth was chaos.
When you were not created, there were no beauty.
When you were not created, nothing was perfect.
Be my wife Aba. Be my life.
Kiss my mouth Aba, fill my life. I whispered softly into her ears.
Her eyes were tightly closed and her ears widely opened.
Slowly, I began kissing her. We kissed for several minutes.
Slowly and gently, I pushed her on the bed.
She began to moan like a h—y cat.
I knelt in between her legs and started giving her painful sweet bites on her neck.
Mmmmmm Meshac, please stop! Aaaaahhh stop! She groaned.
Come on sexy, there is no “stop” with the prefix “aaaaaahhhh”. Allow heaven to visit you today. Receive your breakthrough. Come out our of your virginity burthen. I whispered as I slowly slid her pants to one side.
I inserted my middle finger into her slippery h—y p—y. I fingered her so deep until I could hear my c–k yelling at me.
F–k her Meshac! What are you waiting for.
Quickly, I unzipped my trouser and brought out my well toned fair c–k and gave her the craziest penetration ever.
I thrusted slowly until her thighs began to jerk.
I increased my speed and f—-d the village attitude out of her.
I f—-d her with anger and happiness at the same time. It was a sweet revenge.
After half an hour of my aphrodisiac like f—–g, I ejaculated.
There was so much blood oozing from her innocent v—-a.
I picked a towel and wiped her till she was clean.
Meshac, you are so blessed. Most p—y hunters have never seen virginity before, talk of breaking them. And here you are unlocking them with ease. I thought.
First, I unlocked Esi’s code, and now, Aba’s. I happily thought.
Mesh, what have we done? Why did you have to do this? Aba asked unhappily.
We have just uprooted cassava. Foolish girl!
Women strategy, they always pretend as if they just resurrected from coma and ask unnecessary questions after s-x, simply to shift blames. I thought with insults.
Mesh are you with me? Why did we make love? You are supposed to be my sister’s husband to be. She interrupted.
I know Aba, and you are also supposed to be your sister’s guardian angel.
The truth is that, the feeling is too strong to focus our attention on Esi. I want to marry you, I want to create a special heaven for you.
Aba listen to me, let’s show to the world that, true love exists. Who is Esi? What can she do? We will fight her with all our strength just to make our union possible. I convinced.
Alright Meshac, I have heard everything you’ve just said, and I’m ready to dance to the tune of my heart.
I can’t believe finally, I am having a man of my own. I mean, a handsome man for that matter. She responded happily.
Days passed and we both began giving Esi attitude.
Aba and I would go out and come home late in the night.
We made love in various hotels.
One late evening, after we returned from our usual outing, Esi confronted us.

To be continued…

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