[Story] Crush To Crash – Season 2 Episode 13



This is the second time someone is telling me to jilt Esi, but how do I do that with Aba who is always talking about curses? I thought confusedly.
I must take a decision that will help distance myself from Esi and her family for good.
The next day after I closed from work, I gathered Esi and her sisters in conversation.
Esi, Aba, Kukua. There is something I want to discuss with you guys. I started.
You guys have done so well for accommodating me to this level. I have a job now, and as such, have earned enough money to rent an apartment of my own. I therefore want to ask permission from you to move out of here. I explained.
It’s a lie Meshac! Now that you have a job, what is the guarantee that you are going to marry my sister after you’ve moved out of here? Aba screamed.
Aba please, you should understand me. Even if I marry your sister, we all can’t stay in this single room. I explained.
Fine! Then, you must marry my sister first. Aba responded.
God, this is so difficult. How do I convince this Aba girl? She seem to be sensible than her sister. I thought.
Aba, if you don’t want me to move out, I have heard you. I responded unhappily.
Meshac, please answer my sister’s question, when are you marrying Esi? Kukua asked.
Kukua, that is between your sister and I. We will communicate to you after we’ve finalized the date. I responded.
The next day, after Aba and Kukua had left to work, Esi confronted me.
Meshac, you have a job now, so when are we getting married? She asked.
Esi please, don’t spoil my mood. Am I the one to propose to you or the other way round? I asked almost in anger.
Meshac, what proposal are you talking about? You proposed to me way back in the village and I accepted, so what else? She sadly asked.
Esi, you are simply an illiterate! What we were doing wasn’t marriage proposal. It was simply courting. I responded harshly.
Meshac, what am I sensing? Am I sensing that you don’t want to marry me? She asked.
And what if I say yes? What can you do?
Esi, you can’t force me to marry you, never! I responded angrily.
Instantly, Esi broke down in tears.
Meshac please don’t do this to me. I have suffered too much for this relationship. Please have mercy on me. Esi pleaded in tears.
What extraordinary thing have you done for this relationship Esi? Apart from cheaply sleeping with that old man, what else?
Even that one, you enjoyed it more than the reason why we signed the contract. I stated harshly.
Meshac, I poisoned my parents because of you.
I poisoned them to death because I wanted to sell their land to see you through school. Meshac, that is how far I went for this relationship. Esi confessed in tears.
Blood of Jesus! Esi, so you were the one behind the death of your parents? What a world! I screamed.
Esi, I can’t marry a murderer like you. I will inform your siblings about this. I added.
Meshac, Aba won’t believe you. And if you dare try to break up with me, she will curse you to death.
Meshac, I love you too much to watch you die. Esi responded calmly.
God of Israel, I still can’t believe my ears. Eeeeeeeeiiiiii Esi! How could you? How? I screamed some more.
Meshac please tone down. I did all that for you. She pleaded in tears.
I was so shocked to the bone, but what can I do? Her siblings might not believe me if I tell them. I must act smartly. I must deal with Aba in order to have a reason to break up with Esi. I thought.
I began acting cold towards Esi.
One Sunday, when Esi and Kukua had left for church, I decided to talk to Aba.
Aba, what is your secret? You keep glowing each passing day. I complimented.
Thanks Meshac, you also look handsome. She complimented back.
Bingo! This is it! This plan must work at all cost. I thought smartly.

To be continued…

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