[Story] Crush To Crash – Season 2 Episode 12



Meshac, you are indeed a bad luck! You see what you’ve caused? Esi insulted angrily.
An hour later, her siblings returned from the shop.
Esi, what the hell did you do to Daddy Joshua to warrant our sacking? Aba fumed in anger.
Aba please calm down.
Mr Joshua came here to visit me, and when he came he tried to rape me. Esi lied to save me from Aba’s wrath.
Where was Meshac when that was happening? Esi, I don’t trust you anymore. Aba stated.
Aba please, I was not home when the incident happened.
I came back from town not long ago. I lied.
But Aba, what reason did the man give you before sacking you? I inquired.
He said my sister has insulted his personality and that, he can no longer work with us. He also said we should move out of this room. Aba narrated.
This is too bad, but I don’t think your sister is at fault. I responded.
She is Meshac! If my sister can sleep with you, why can’t she sleep with daddy Joshua?
What benefit is she getting from this cursed relationship? What? Aba angrily responded.
Later in the evening when things were calm, the three sisters contributed money and went out to search for another accommodation.
Fortunately, they secured one the next day and we packed out.
Esi was jobless, but Aba and Kukua struggled to get a sales attendance job to manage the home whiles I kept writing various applications to various companies seeking for employment.
One afternoon, I was in the room with Esi having fun talks as lovers.
Esi, a lot has happened to us in this relationship, but thank God, we’ve been able to overcome them. I promise never to betray you. I stated happily.
Meshac, I am glad I did all those things for the man I love.
It might look as if I am mad, but truth be told, no one falls in love with a sound conscience. Anybody in love is mad. She responded playfully.
Months later, I was called for a job interview.
Fortunately, I was employed as an accounts officer in a cashew processing company.
Esi and her siblings were so happy for me when I started working.
Meshac, don’t ever forget that, this family has sacrificed our happiness to make you who you are today. If you ever think of betraying us, I will curse you with the gods of our land. Aba threatened.
Indeed, illiteracy is madness. The only thing Aba knows about is cursing anyone who offends her. What kind of family at all have I gotten myself into? I thought.
Months after my employment, I had a call from Frimpong, my university friend.
Hello Meshac, I miss you more than more. I will be coming home next three months. He happily announced.
Wow my good friend, I can’t wait to meet you.
Fortunately, I have a job now, so I can spoil you a bit when you come. I responded happily.
Meshac, are you still with that illiterate fiancee of yours? He asked.
Why the insults my brother? What has Esi done to offend you. My mood quickly changed.
Meshac, Esi has never been to any school, so calling her an illiterate is a description, not an insult.
If you think the word illiterate is insulting, why then do you entangle yourself with it? That means that, you are insulting your own self for dating an illiterate. He explained.
Back at school, I had wanted to advise you, but I lacked the courage to do that.
You are matured now, and you must know better. He added and hanged up.
This is the second time someone is telling me to jilt Esi, but how do I do that with Aba who is always talking about curses? I thought confusedly.

To be continued…

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