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[Story] Cassandra (Season 2) — Episode 28

Episode 28
David’s side of the story,
As narrated by David
‘’I think Cassandra will help us out. She doesn’t have any reason not to” I finally answered as if I was very sure of myself. Deep down, I was a bit scared and skeptical but I couldn’t reveal my feelings to anyone.
I just wasn’t sure how Cassandra would take the whole plan but then I had to answer the way I did in order to calm Nora down.
‘’I believe everything is ready then. Officer Doris will be available whenever you guys are ready’’ the male officer said as he stood up with Doris who flashed Nora a quick smile.
‘’don’t worry dear. I will make sure I bring your son back to you’’ she assured her.
After the meeting, I dropped Nora at her apartment before heading over to mine to check on Cassandra. I really was nervous and a bit scared. I had to pray all through the way to my house for God to at least open Cassandra’s heart and soften her to help us. The success of the whole plan solely depended on her cooperation.
‘’my God, I can’t believe your son was taken. I can’t believe Edwin could be so heartless’’ Cassandra cried with great concern as I walked into my apartment that fateful morning. I shook my head as I studied her keenly.
I desperately tried to read her mind but couldn’t.
‘’I’m really sorry Dave. I perfectly understand how you feel right now’’ she breathed, shook her head and surprisingly threw herself on me, hugging me strongly.
‘’ I wish there is something I can just do to help’’ she breathed.
‘’yes I need your help to get my son back’’ I softly answered. She quickly drew back and stared at me curiously.
‘’how can I be of help? Please tell me?’’ she begged quickly.
‘’Edwin wants you in exchange for my son to come back home. He also wants me to come with you to the exchange for reasons best known to him. We don’t have much time. He gave us till 12noon to make up our minds and wait for him at Irete junction’’ I softly explained, reading her reaction at the same time. She breathed deeply and shrugged.
‘’I’m not going to hand you over to Edwin and walk away. Be rest assured that the police are already aware and will be backing us up from a distance. I just need you to draw out Edwin from his cover. Once he shows up during the exchange, he will be taken down’’ I added desperately, my heart pounding furiously.
‘’Edwin is no fool. Are you sure this will work?’’ she asked seriously. I nodded.
‘’yes I know Edwin isn’t a fool but his sense of reasoning is already clouded by his obsession for you which will lead to his downfall. Everyone makes a mistake. And yes Edwin just made a big mistake by asking for you’’ I breathed convincingly.
‘’I do hope so, because that guy sometimes acts stupidly to achieve a goal and always succeeds in the end’’ she muttered with resignation.
‘’anyway count me in. I will do whatever it takes to bring him down because I want my free life back’’ she accepted, leaving a great smile of relief all over my face.
‘’thank you Cassandra for doing the right thing’’ I said happily, hugging her with great happiness.
I headed to my room afterwards to inform Nora and Chinedu of Cassandra’s stand. I equally begged Chinedu to help me get the required sum of five hundred thousand naira which Edwin was demanding, even though we never planned of actually giving the dude the money.
Chinedu however couldn’t raise all the money on his own which left Nora and I with no option than to dry up our accounts to raise the required sum.
11:30AM Nora’s apartment
Nora was close to tears as we got set to leave for the dangerous rescue mission. Officer Doris, Chinedu , Cassandra and I had to make the final preparations in her house and oh yes, she just couldn’t control her emotions..
‘’my love, please I don’t want only my son to return home but you as well. Be safe. Don’t give up your life for this’’ she begged me solemnly..
(Edwin was forced to stay behind to be with her.)
11:58AM; Irete junction
We barely had gotten to Irete junction when my phone rang. The caller was Edwin as I expected and the quickness by which he called clearly showed that he was really monitoring the whole show.
‘’who is the other woman with you guys?. I told you to come only with Cassandra?’’ he asked.
‘’oh she is my wife’s cousin. She will be the one to handle my son after the exchange, you can’t expect me to handle my little boy on my own’’ I answered quickly. He kept quiet for a while.
‘’fine; I hope you have my money?’’ he asked.
‘’yes”’ I breathed.
‘’Good, Keep the line on and follow my directives’’ he said, directing and leading us over the phone out of the highway and through some villages before we finally got to an abandoned one storey building, where the only living animals we saw around were goats.
‘’look at the top of the building. You will see me’’ he finally said and hung up.
Following his command, we all looked up at the top of the uncompleted building to see him waving at us with a dark smile on his face.
‘’hope you are all ready with the plan?’’ Officer Doris asked as she repositioned her pistol.
To be continued

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