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[Story] Cassandra (Season 2) — Episode 27

Episode 27
David’s side of the story,
As narrated by David
My ringing phone woke me very early the next day, sending a sickening sensation all over my body as I saw Edwin’s number on the phone’s screen.
‘’David, David, David. How was your night?’’ he asked with a short laugh.
‘’how is my son?. I will kill you bastrd’’ I cursed vehemently. Nora sprang up and listened with great attention.
‘’your son is alright even though he cried all through the night. He is a strong dude and yes he is slowly growing fond of me. Maybe I should keep him and leave Cassandra for you’’ he replied, getting me angrier with his choice of words.
‘’I hope my one million naira is ready?’’ he slowly asked.
‘’I don’t have that kind of money. I have to be honest with you’’ I breathed desperately.
‘’Honesty; Hmmmm, that’s a nice virtue. Listen now. I want you to be at Irete junction at exactly 12noon with Cassandra and five hundred thousand naira. Not a minute early, not a minute late. Else you forget about your son. Lastly don’t try to play smart by involving the police. Just don’t do it unless you enjoy regretting things, because you have no idea what will happen if you try involving the police.’’ He said and hung up, leaving me totally ruffled up.
‘’what now?’’ Nora asked breathlessly.
‘’I have to speak with the police first’’ I replied her as I called the officer we planned meeting earlier in the day.
I really was very nervous as I made the phone call because it was a huge risk, something I was warned not to do.
‘’Edwin called again and he is very serious about me not involving you guys in this. I believe he is watching us closely. Can we meet somewhere else please? I can’t risk coming to your office’’ I begged the officer.
‘’fine just pick a place you feel that is safe. I will be there in mufti’’ he quickly agreed, leaving me relieved as I gave him Chinedu’s house address. It was the only place I could think of that moment and we agreed meeting by 8am.
After speaking with him, I called Chinedu to inform him of the change of plans.
By 8am, Nora and I were already well settled at Chinedu’s apartment as we waited for the police officer to show up. Nora and I were so preoccupied with our thoughts that we simply ignored all the jokes and discussions, Chindeu tried to come up with to cheer us up as we waited for the police officer who finally showed up around 8:30am.
He however didn’t come alone; he came with a very young lady who he introduced as A.S.P Doris Oyegun.
‘’I had to bring her along because I think she should be familiarized with the case, since it’s her specialty. She was the best graduating female shooter from the academy in 2013. She also was the best graduating in anti terrorism and homicide’’ he introduced the young lady who smiled innocently.
We soon got down to business as I slowly told them the phone calls and Edwin’s demands.
‘’Edwin really wants to box you in a corner. I feel he is more interested in having you and Cassandra than the money. I’m afraid he is planning on killing you Mr. David’’ The officer said to me when I was done with my story.
‘’I’m more interested in getting my son alive. I will gladly offer my life in exchange for his release’’ I said desperately.
‘’well we just need two important things in this situation. One is the money he is requesting for. Secondly is Cassandra’s approval, you know we can’t proceed without her and we can’t force her if she refuses to help’’ the female officer quickly cut in.
‘’but if we can get the money and equally have Cassandra on our side, getting Edwin will be an easy thing since his obsession is on Cassandra and on Mr. Edwin. This is very obvious with the way he wants the exchange which will be his undoing. I will go with Cassandra and Mr. David to the exchange as Nora’s sister or cousin. I can easily blend in and no one will suspect anything since I’m a woman. Once the exchange is made and the baby is safe, i can easily take out Edwin, depending on the environment while our back up team closes in. I know it sounds hard but that’s all we got for now. However the main priority still remains getting the child safe. I think all we need at the moment is Cassandra’s cooperation and money. Everything must be ready before 11AM’’ the female officer slowly explained.
‘’we can easily raise the money but my fear is Cassandra. I don’t trust her’’ Nora suddenly breathed, facing me with great curiosity.
‘’How much do you trust Cassandra?, Are you sure she is still at your apartment where you left her the previous day?. Can she help us save my son?’’ she asked me with all seriousness as everyone’s eyes fell on me.
I swallowed hard.
To be continued

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