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[Story] Blood For Blood (Season 2) — Episode 9

A deep smile played on my face as she came to terms to what I had just said…..
“Baby don’t joke about this!!”,
She said while making a futile effort to mask her joy with a scowl.
“Am serious”, I insisted..
She took her hands off my head and cupped them on her mouth as tears started dropping down her cheeks.. Now it was my turn to hold her, Alice was one of the most emotional girls I have ever met…
I placed a pillow behind me and propped myself into a leaning position against the headboard so I could put her head on my chest, she was now clutching tightly to my body….. A lot of images washed through my head as my brain processed them to ascertain the next course of action…. If what my memory was making me believe was anywhere near the truth, then my priority would be keeping Alice safe from any danger because the way I saw it right there and then, anyone who had her held a valid bargaining chip over me….. She was my Achilles heel…..
I could now tell that the girl with the gun that had been hauntingly appearing and vanishing in my “vision” since I woke in the hospital was ashley and I remembered why she had shot me……. I could still see the bullet speeding out of the pistol’s chamber as she had pulled the trigger sending a bloodthirsty bullet tearing through the air….. I unconsciously raised my hand towards the deep scar on my head and touched it… It still hurt… If not for the angel lying on my body right now,i would be dead……
“Am gonna take good care of you”, she said pulling my hand away from the wound…..she got on her knees and held the hand in question on her chest… “just don’t hurt me again”, I could hear the fragility in her voice, she wasn’t built emotionally like most of the girls I had come across…. She was Infact a big baby….
“Not in a thousand years babe”, I said, crossing my heart with the free hand…… With a smile on her face,she bounced off the bed and headed to the bathroom…….
“Can I use your laptop??”, I called out
“It’s yours sweety”, she replied from within the bathroom walls..
I needed to get touch with ashley, I couldn’t do what I had in mind alone….. She ran a fake online library which she used to accept hits from her clients but the code words were only known to her clientele….. I picked up alice’s laptop and opened her browser…. I logged into the library after creating a fake mail….. I was in luck, she was online!! poor ash!!!! she could have killed me in error….
Clicking on the help desk icon of the website….. I typed,”I’D LIKE A COPY OF ROMEO MUST DIE;SPECIAL EDITION”…….. In a few minutes she replied, “where do we meet???”…
Good girl!!!! She preferred payments upfront and always insisted on collecting cash from her clients so I typed in a location after we had agreed on a price… By now, my Alice was out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel…. The towel strained against her b—–s and bvttocks as she walked towards the bed……
“Which girl are you chatting with now??”, she said playfully as she threw the towel aside and t—-t her naked body into my arms…….I set the laptop aside laughing at her remark as I kissed her luscious lips…
“I think it’s high time I tell you what I do for a living”, I said once we broke off the kiss..

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