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[Story] Blood For Blood (Season 2) — Episode 7

We stood in the doorway like long-lost mother and child……My chest rose and fell as memories of her and the times we shared came flooding back to me…. My lips could remember her soft kiss and I reveled in the fact that I no longer had to strain to try to remember how she smiled. She was right here in front of me with her palms cupped over her mouth as if in a bid to convince herself that I wasn’t real….
I could see the urge in her eyes to pinch herself to see if this was a dream and before I could say anything to dispel her doubts, tears started rolling down those delicate cheeks,
“I thought you were going to die”,
she muttered in between sobs. The redness in her eyeballs hadn’t been as a result of the tears now flowing freely from her eyes, I knew instantly that this wasn’t the first time those tears had run down her pretty face. I pulled her to my body and lifted her off the ground, carrying her into the house and shutting the door behind us. We would need some privacy and standing at the door didn’t afford us much of that.
Inside the house,i set her down on her feet and allowed my palms to rest on her two plump buttocks….
“Am here now”, I said reassuringly as I pulled her lips to mine, she kissed back fiercely as I fondled her buttocks.. She wore a light white satin top and loose wool bum-shorts, from what I felt with my hands and against my body, she wore nothing underneath…
I had already been h—y right from the time Mr nice guy dropped me off in his car attributable to the fact that his wife kept stealing seductive glances at me at any given opportunity. Right now I had the perfect opportunity to relieve that sexual hunger, i thought as I pushed one,then two fingers into her p—y from behind as she kissed me….. she moaned into my mouth as she pushed her voluminous behind against my hand daring the fingers that were attached to it to go deeper and then suddenly she broke the kiss and whispered in my ear,
“As much as I want you to fvck the hell out of me right now, I also have to consider your health”, she said in a near moaning voice as she pulled my prying fingers out of her p—y and licked them off….. Why did she have to be so sexy….
She led me into the living room and pushing me down on the cushion,she climbed onto my body and after another kiss, I could see the curiosity sparkling in her eyes as she asked, “so tell me how you got out of the hospital???”…. I chuckled and told her it wasn’t that difficult.
“The doctor gave me your address”, I added
“Am even surprised you remember me”, she said,
“The doctor called and told me your amnesia was quite serious, he even said you tried to kill him”
I laughed quite hard at that as I pulled her in for another kiss…. she later explained she had come to meet me at my hotel room as I had told her only to find me on the floor of the hotel room shot in the head in a pool of my blood…….she had arranged my transport to a private hospital and hired guards to watch me…
This girl had saved my life and her she was on my lap laughing hysterically as I made fun of her tears without knowing how much I loved her. After loads of endless chatting, she bounced off my lap and made her way to the kitchen to get me something to eat….As she walked away,i watched those soft, seductive m—-s of flesh bounce freely….. I was glad I hadn’t lost her or was it my d–k that was the source of my happiness??……..

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