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[Story] Blood For Blood (Season 2) — Episode 6

I jumped to my feet, The light of the new morning stinging my eyes as I wondered what was making that horrible noise…….I opened my eyes to find a giant dog staring ferociously at me baring all its teeth and barking as if it was almost certain that I was a burglar…….
The only thing stopping it from attacking was a heavy harness strapped around its neck and extending to its chest……… I fell back in horror, no matter how much I could fight or run, if this dog would by any means get free of that harness, I would be in serious trouble…
The dog was seriously thrashing about right now, wiggling it’s body to get free of the harness…… I looked to the entrance of the pound and wondered how the dog appeared this morning… I hadn’t spotted any when I slipped in here to sleep last night….
For me to get out of the pound, I would have to pass directly in front of the dog and given the way this dog was seriously showing it’s aggression, I doubted the safety of that idea…….
“Who are you and what are you doing on my property????”, I had been so engrossed in trying to Pacify the angry dog that I hadn’t noticed the owner standing afar off with a double barreled rifle clenched tightly underneath his arm and at that point it dawned on me that if I did not offer a valid explanation, it’s either he sets the dog on me or he finishes me off himself….
Personally I would prefer to meet my end at the owners hands rather than that dog…. “I asked a question”, he repeated menacingly……. “please,please am just a homeless guy who couldn’t afford a place to sleep,i mean you no harm”……
I could see suspicion gleaming brightly in his eyes as he lowered the rifle……. snapping his fingers,the dog immediately stopped barking and lay on the soft carpet grass inside the cage…….I heaved a sigh of relief as I ran awkwardly out of the dog pound. I could see the owner laughing as he noticed my dread of the dog…. I flashed him the “that wasn’t funny” look and I sensed he understood that as he motioned for me to follow him into the house……..
“So what are you looking for in this part of town”,he asked once we settled down inside. I was still in shock of the incident that had taken place earlier so I could only hand him the note the doctor had given me while giving him an explanatory nod to compliment the assertion I was making that the answer to his question was in the piece of paper I was handing him……
“This is not too far from here you know???,i can drive you there. Do you have a relative there??”, yes!!! I affirmed in a croaky voice not really knowing what we would meet if we finally got to the place. “But first you need to freshen up,you can use my shower upstairs and take care of yourself, breakfast will be ready when your down”……….He kept looking admiringly at my muscular physique and from the way he looked,i could tell he was a gym freak and to be quite fair he didn’t look bad at all. Sleeping on the ground had its perks, my entire body ached as I stepped into the shower and as soon as the shower was on a mixture of blood and dirt flowed into the drain as I washed off the nights experiences…….The bandage on my head was gone,it must have loosened while I ran last night. After showering, I was lucky to spot a first aid box in the bathroom and promptly used it to dress my head and bandage it once more………
I came downstairs to a hot bowl of fufu and egusi soup, this was my kind of guy. My stomach growled at the sight as I descended on the meal….. Ball after ball I swallowed and boy was it delicious!!!. I wondered how a young man could cook so well when an explanation walked into the dining room,”is this him??”, she asked scanning my ripped body…..I was embarrassed cos I wasn’t putting a shirt on as I had thought uche (as he had told me his name was,was the only one in the house)…….i reduced the speed with which I ate as she introduced herself,”am cynthia,uche’s fiancee”……
“Am gregory”,i bellowed in between balls of soft fufu with a smile…… I left the rest of the explanation to uche as I made finishing the meal my priority……
30 mins later,we had gotten quite acquainted as we were now chatting freely, cynthia had been staring lustily at me during the conversation…. I had noticed this and thus avoided eye contact with her…….i reminded uche that I needed to be going and thanked him for his nice gestures which he agreed to and waved away as nothing. Shortly after,he had dropped me in front of a white house with luxury written all over it….. I didn’t know what I was going to find in this house but if I was going to discover what happened to me,this would be the first step……..
Walking to the door, I made three gentle knocks on the door and soon after a gorgeous chic answered the door…….. Shock spread across her face and quick as a flash,she jumped into my arms and planted a sizzling kiss on my lips……I kissed back of course and during the kiss,my head ached as my memory juggled and setting her down, I smiled at her.I recognised this girl………..

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