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[Story] Blood For Blood (Season 2) — Episode 5

Making my way out of the room, I could still hear the doctor breathing rather heavily… This whole event must have been really shocking for the poor man…
I banished the pity that was creeping into my mind for him as I set my sights once more on the priority at hand which was getting out of here and getting to the address that the doctor had given me……..
I made my way down a flight of stairs keeping my head down all along to avoid recognition by any of the nurses I walked across….Though I could see their occasional suspicious peers at me, I kept walking without paying attention to them….. From the look of things,it seemed the guards who had rushed outside had alerted the others and they had left to comb the premises. I was now at the front desk of the hospital reception and I heaved a sigh of relief as the exit sign on the door came into view…
I was now walking briskly towards the door when one of the guards on black overalls breezed past me and immediately spun around, something told me he knew I wasn’t part of the hospital staff…. Reaching for the doctors coat I was wearing, he tried to pull me back but I had anticipated this much quickly than he had thought……..
As soon as he had his grip on the coat, I slid my arms out of the coat, removed the hat I wore and throwing it at his face, I ran out the exit door at full speed alerting the guards outside…. They gave pursuit but really couldn’t catch up. I’m guessing the boots they wore were really heavy……. I could hear them speaking into the phones reporting the incident to whoever was in charge but I could care less as I ran into the bushes…….
30 minutes later I had made my way into a private property and gotten some clothes off their line……. I could see a dog pound that had no dog in it….. I needed to sleep somewhere so I decided this would be it….. I looked up to the stars and wishing for some sort of memory recall,i drifted off into a deep sleep……..

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