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[Story] Blood For Blood (Season 2) — Episode 4

The speed with which the good doctor rushed out of the room went a long way to reassure me of the effectiveness of my plan…. Immediately he was out the door……..I fell onto the bed, I had exerted quite a lot of energy while threatening the doctor so I figured it would be wise to get some rest while figuring out what the next step in my plan would be…….. But then,this was definitely not the time to rest at all…..I picked myself up from the bed and headed towards the other end of the room and unhooked the duffel sack from where it was hung…….. I saw the same name scribbled on the duffel sack so I guessed the bloody clothes and whatever documents that were in the bag belonged to me…..Scanning through the documents,its couldn’t make any sense to me but I would take them with me and hopefully meet someone who would help me make sense out of it all……….As I was unraveling the rumpled clothes,i noticed that there was a lot more blood than I could have envisaged which made me start to wonder afresh why the girl in my visions had shot me……so far I wasn’t getting any clues….
I was jolted out of my thoughts when I heard conversation at the door… Apparently it seemed that the two men at the door were trying to find out from the doctor if he was ok because from all indications he had been running….Now he was sweating profusely,breathing heavily and couldn’t stand up straight….. At this point I realised the epinephrine had kicked in, I just hoped he would enter the room before it’s effects would become deadly considering his ill-health…..
He entered the room with a frantic look on his face as he handed me a crumpled piece of paper, I didn’t know what he told the guards outside but it was surely good enough…”let me have the syringe”,he murmured nearly short of breath……Meanwhile,i had unfolded the piece of paper and there was no name only an address…..”i asked for a name”,i snarled….. bewildered by my questioning even in his condition,he mustered the strength to tell me that whoever it was didn’t give him one and that he used the address to collect his payment………
He was on his knees now as I injected him with the reversal formula and patted his head with my palm…….He sprawled helplessly on the ground as the injection slowly took effect and as a result of this, he drew long slow breaths……. Now I have what I need,i would need to leave…….Lifting a piece of metal lying in the corner,i turned to the doctor and said to him,”if those guards enter,tell them I jumped out the window,your life depends on it”… Having said that I broke the window with the metal and rushed to hide behind a cabinet inn the room. The sound prompted the guards to rush into the room and switching on the light, they found the doctor sprawled on the ground trying to regain himself…. He couldn’t speak, all he had to do was point to the window…. I was guessing the guards must be thinking I overpowered the doctor and put him in that condition so I could escape…… “let’s get downstairs quickly”,one of them shouted to the other as they rushed out of the room………. From how they acted,i guessed whoever it was wouldn’t be too happy to hear that I had escaped…….. As they rushed out of the room, I came out of hiding and took the doctors white coat from him and put on an old hat lying around in the corner to hide my head bandages………….. Picking up the documents, I said my goodbyes to the doctor and after apologising for his troubles, I made my exit…………

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