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[Story] Blood For Blood (Season 2) — Episode 10

She stared intently at me as her excitement suddenly seemed replaced by profound curiosity…
“If your going to lie, then I don’t wanna hear it”, she mused as she folded her hands over her boobs with a resigned look on her face…..
“Now why would I do that??”, I asked as I pulled her onto my body so her jaw was on my chest as she stared up at me……
“Just promise me you won’t freak out”, I said as I held her reassuringly.. By the look on her face, I could tell that indeed she was starting to look uncomfortable…
“Have you ever heard of the outlanders??”
she retorted with a forlorn look on her face. “I have a feeling am not gonna like this!!!, commander lescott was grilling me with questions on the same subject but there I was thinking it was just some silly coincidence or a case of mistaken identity!!!…. I hope your not gonna tell me your one of them”, she was visibly upset now and I could regrettably notice that her beautiful smile had not only totally disappeared but there was aa deep scowl replacing it now……
Several thoughts to change the topic and tell her it was all a joke jumped to my mind but I waved those thoughts aside…. The sooner she knew the truth about me the better for the both of us and I wasn’t going to postpone this discussion…
“Baby just hear me out please”, I muttered, holding her down as she made to get off the bed….
“Yes I was part of them and yes I have done some things that am not proud of, but you must know that the last couple of months have been very stressful on me and during that time, I have made some decisions about my life and immediately I clean up this mess, I promise you on my honor that this will belong in the past”..
Tears had already started rolling down her cheeks as she slowly muttered,”i don’t want to lose you,i just got you back”.. I stood from the bed and with a defiant face staring back at her, I offered reassuringly,”Nothing will happen to me I promise you, and you must know something about me, I don’t make promises I can’t keep.”
I picked up the sweatshirt and tossing it over my body, I leaned forward and kissed her deeply on the lips. “I’ll be back soon sweetheart” I said as I made for the door. It would soon be time for my meeting with ashley so I had to prepare. Ashley wasn’t by any means a novice so my plans had to be watertight if it was gonna yield any success….
Stepping out into the street, a cold breeze swept over me forcing me into a slow jog, I needed to warm up and at least break a sweat… Running for at least thirty minutes speeding up as I progressed, I was finally warming up to counteract the effects of the cold….
I spotted a mask shop in my peripheral view as I ran prompting me to slow to a halt… This would be just perfect for what I had in mind.. I looked intently at the shop….. There were some black masks hanging outside the shop which I could easily snatch without arousing any attention and snatch one of them I did as I continued my jog down the street towards the location I had texted ashley………. some minutes later, I was standing at the entrance of date palm lounge in which I had made an online reservation for two.. Walking through the door towards the reception area, I proceeded to talk to the pretty lady who was wearing a white blazer…….
She had a tablet in her hands and from what I could tell, she worked there because there were a few other people I could see wearing the same color of blazers as she wore….
“Hello”, I said as I approached… a delicate smile played on her lips as she replied, “hello, how can I be of assistance???”
“I made an online reservation for two here”, I muttered returning her smile… The grin on her face widened as she looked away momentarily paying attention to her handheld for a while after which She nodded her agreement and pointed upstairs…..
“Your date has arrived already”, she said with a hint of jealousy in her voice. I chuckled as i made my way upstairs putting on the mask on my way…….There was nothing that would take away the satisfaction of seeing ashley’s shocked face… Not even the exceedingly beautiful receptionist I was just walking away from……..
Getting upstairs,i could see several coupless sitting on their respective tables and looking at the far corner,i could make out ashley’s figure helping herself to a meal…….. she didn’t notice me until I walked all the way over to her table and sat down….
“Let’s get this over with”, she said with her mouth stuffed with food……
With a small chuckle, I lifted the mask from my face and leaned forward and grinning wildl, I spoke in a cold unforgiving voice, “hello ashley”……

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