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[Story] Blood For Blood – Episode 71

Crouching in the darkness,i waited patiently for him to approach,i couldn’t risk being discovered by lescott so if taking this soldiers life would ensure that,i wouldn’t mind doing that to maintain my stealth in this case……I shifted to my side slowly as not to get his attention as he kept moving towards the direction of the click he had heard…….i could see the nozzle of his assault rifle pointed towards him as he moved……I squatted very slowly and removed a couple of cuffs from my pocket and threw them in the opposite direction and as he turned,i brandished a jackknife from my pocket and grabbing him from behind,i lashed out severally and issued several high-powered stabs to his neck as he squeezed the trigger of his rifle and a barrage of gunshots sounded through the house…I stole through the shadows away from the wriggling corpse and hid behind some furniture as I heard army boots thumping forward towards the origin of the gunshots…
From my position,i heard lescott whisper in contempt as he approached……In about a minute the entire soldiers in the building converged at the place where the corpse lay……….one of the soldiers whispered,”he’s dead,he must have lost too much blood from the stab wounds”……..”I told you that imp was dangerous”,the now aggravated commander whispered fiercely at the soldiers…….who was he calling an imp,probably he didn’t know what I would be capable of doing to his entire army………I maintained my crouching position behind the leather couch with the duffel bag over my shoulder and my jackknife clenched tightly in my fist prepared to bring down my next prey……..As I prepared for the next assault,i heard a barrage of gunshots at the gate….someone must be engaging the soldiers downstairs in a gun fight……..commander lescott yelled at his men,”he’s downstairs”…….they practically ran downstairs leaving me to the peace of the pitch-black room……I made my way to the window and opening it slightly,my body quaked as I made a shocking discovery……… was shege and the entire cospirano elite death squad firing bullets at the soldiers……I knew then that commander lescott wasn’t the worst that could happen to me if I remained here…….creeping down the stairs,i ran towards the embarkment that brought me intto the building…….s–t!!! My clothes weren’t there……from where I was standing,three soldiers were down injured as commander lescott was yelling into his walkie-talkie……two minutes from now,this whole place would be a gridlock of army personnel…….the only way out of here was through that gate so I knew I had to make the most of it….still wearing my army ensemble with the duffel bag over my shoulder,I pick some camo-paint and smeared it deeply on my face as I ran towards the gunfight and picking up a rifle…..i fired aggressively at shegee and his men…..commander lescott noticed my presence almost immediately and yelled at me,”where are your troops soldier???”as he suspected I would be part of the back up he had called……”will soon be here sir”,i said without looking at him…….that back up better get here quick before they get me into trouble………as soon as I heard shots outside I heaved a sigh of relief and announced,”they’re here sir”…….”A broad smile played along his lips as he spotted shege’s men driving away and several army vehicles giving chase………Fear started building up in me as the commander approached me………But he merely patted my back and said in his grumpy tone,”good work soldier” as he disappeared from sight to join one of the army vehicles leaving the compound……..i dropped the rifle immediately he was out of sight…….and throwing off the camouflage I sneaked out through the gate and kept running till I was a considerable distance from the house…….That was way too close!!!!!!

Updated: October 5, 2017 — 4:55 AM


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