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[Story] Blood For Blood – Episode 70

Slowly but surely the shadow of the night crept slowly and steadily over the entire premises…………I kept fighting the urge to take a quick nap in my hide-out in the flowers but that it would be safe to say that i’d be signing my death warrant if I do that………..peeking out of my make-shift focal point,I could see that security detail had grown lean attributable to the fact that they were not expecting any break-ins and the fact that the only thing that needed protection was the crime scene and not an actual individual……….I raised my head above the flowers and reaching into my shirt,i realised I had made a terrible mistake,i hadn’t brought my gun…….D–n!!!! What was I thinking????……..i’d find a way to do this without arousing any suspicion if not I would be dead meat surely……….sneaking into the gateman’s quarters,i realised that the soldiers had converted it to a make-shift command centre for the time being…………I found some spare uniforms and bulletproof vests but no guns……..i quickly stripped and dressed up not forgetting to drop my clothes off at my “flower fortress”……….I started making my way into the building when suddenly I heard a stern voice,”stop there”,every nerve in my body stood on end in anticipation of the worst….
As I turned,i could see the soldier beckoning with his extended arm……common sense gave me the intuition that whatever exhibitions of fear I would give now could possibly give me away as not being one of them so I decided to act as normal as possible……….As I approached him,he barked,”go tell Aliyu say em suppose take over from me”,as he abruptly ended his speech and stormed away obviously in anger at the prolonging of his shift by the late-arriving soldier…….I heaved a sigh of relief as soon as he left,that was really close I thought to myself as I literally ran into the building to stop any further deviations from my mission….
With a clenched fist,i opened the door and shut it behind me as I immediately snuck my way to the senators office to save time before anyone could tell what I was doing here hence i’d be in hot “army soup”……..Opening the senators office,by now I had put on the army gloves that were part of the uniform I had stolen…..I glanced around the room in uncertainty of the ominous foreboding I kept having…….The heavy stain of dry blood was very obvious on the rug below……I made it across to the senators table in giant strides………I kept looking for documents and files that could help me solve this whole puzzle…..I had nearly given up searching when I heard a click……I looked at the door,it hadn’t moved.The sound had come from the table,i looked closely to find that my finger had pushed a concealed button on the table of which I didn’t know the function……..I closed my eyes and said a quick prayer hoping with my entirety that it wouldn’t be an alarm……….I let go and suddenly a picture on the opposite side of the room fell to the floor and the protective cover of a safe sprang open……….I walked over to the safe,i couldn’t believe my luck…..staring into the safe,i could see about 400,000 us dollars and the senators diary as well as other documents……..I stuffed everything I could find there into a duffel bag and swung it over my shoulder and closed the safe neatly as I had seen it and also hung the picture back to its original position……As I made to leave,i heard some noise downstairs…I scooted over to the window and lifting the curtains a little bit I could see several army vehicles pulling into the compound……..It could only mean one thing…..commander lescott was around!!!!

Updated: October 5, 2017 — 4:53 AM


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