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[Story] Blood For Blood – Episode 68

Walking carefully out of the hotel entrance after making sure I had carefully evaded ashley,i stopped a hotel cab and got in it,all the while pulling down my face-cap and raising my collar in a bid to remain anonymous……Getting into the vehicle,there was a lady seated inside,she was as sexy as hell……she had long silky legs,creamy thighs that junctioned into a sexy discontinuation of her tight mini-skirt and her neatly ironed shirt but I couldn’t see her face,at least not yet!!!!! I was in enough trouble already to be admiring ladies………I suddenly gave up trying to see what her face looked like……..”going somewhere???”,a voice quipped as I ignored it and continued in the pretentious act of minding my own business………”ignoring me won’t be a good idea Mr sophisticated criminal”…….Those words stung me like fiery hornets defending their hive with all ferociousness..There was only one person who had ever addressed me as such and as I looked back at her……My gut feeling had been right because sitting next to me was none other than Alice my heartbeat……she was wearing dark shades and removing them,i noticed she had been crying heavily…….I reached out and pulled her to me as fresh tears filled her eyes……..she folded her hands into little fists and pounded on my chest but they were having little or no effect on the muscles there as she struggled to get away from me……..When she finally calmed down,she broke down entirely,”why did you have to leave me alone????,i thought they had killed you if not for your call the other day.Do you know the pain you put me through????”…………I didn’t know what to say to her to take away the pain as tears filled up my eyes too……I had always felt a special connection to Alice and that was my only weakness in this whole scenario………I kept uttering the words,”baby am so sorry” to her and wiping her tears…….”I think we’ve tortured this handkerchief enough now please tell your eyes to stop producing tears”,i said as a bright smile flashed across her pretty face and she let out a little laughter……..she suddenly squeezed her face into a mundane frown as she muttered,”don’t think you’ll use a few funny words to make me forget it”
“We’ll I think I know someone who can make you forget,we’ll simply have to remove your brain as I placed her head on my laps and kissed her deeply……..”Am glad to have my naughty boy back”,she said as her hand crept to the back of my head and played with my hair as we kept kissing like star-crossed lovers…….
“Heee……heeeeeeeeem”,we had the cab driver cough as we broke our kiss and looked up at him…..”you two lovebirds mind telling me where you are going????,your kisses don’t exactly multiply the petrol you know!!!”
We chuckled like two naughty teenagers as I slipped my room details at the hotel into her palm and got out of the cab as I paid the driver for both our fares…………I made my way over to the senators mansion as soon as I was off the high way……..i snuck my way into the street and walked along the solid concrete till I got to the senators domicile………I peeked from the corner of the street to find several army vehicles parked outside the premises……I knew lescott wouldn’t be here because this was the last place he expected me to come……Running across the street,i snuck close to one of the army vehicles and looking into the compound through the gate,i saw several army officers patroling the grounds……
Making any move whatsoever in broad daylight would be suicidal……..I slipped into a hidden pocket of space in the flowers and waited patiently for night to fall………

Updated: October 5, 2017 — 4:51 AM


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