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[Story] Blood For Blood – Episode 67

Why would she be after sophia???,it didn’t make sense……..”sophia???”,i asked with shock written all over my face,”what has she done??,is she in some kind of trouble???”,she kept smiling as she ran her fingers down my abs,”you know I can’t tell you that sugar!!!,its against the ethics of the job,you know that too well!!!!”……
“well am no assassin”,i said leaning down to press a deep e—-c kiss on her lips and n—–s…….
“Ooooooh”,she moaned,”not an assassin but you know more than most of us,am gonna get you a laptop and send it up to your room so you can finish watching your cd or whatever it was you were watching on this blank cd”,she said as she pulled out the cd from her pillow case……
What the f–k???,how did she do that?????…Apparently she saw the look on my face and smiled…”Now we’re even loverboy”,she said nodding towards the nightstand where her two lap-straps bearing two sharp knifes and her mini-pistol lay neatly……..We both laughed out loud as we realised we had both played each other……”we can as well finish watching the video or is it p–n???,she asked,holding the cd up as light shone off its neat surface……
“Naaaah”,am not a little kid anymore I said as I snatched the plate from her hand and walked towards the exotic TV stand……I inserted the plate once more and went back to the bed as she bunched up against my body…….Thank god the dvd player had the last memory feature so it switched right back to the senators last sentence……..
“I know you have a lot of questions in your mind and am here to help you answer them……Two months ago,your friend slow came to me with a proposal,he wanted the money you guys had earned for himself but he knew he couldn’t pull it off alone and that was the main reason he came to me for help……..He knew trigger was the only one who was allowed to safeguard the money and I was the only one who could get him trigger’s location so he agreed to split the money with me… I got him triggers location and he stole the money from trigger’s safe and left clues to make it look like both of you did the job,you know trigger!!!!,he can be a vengeful son of a b—h at times!!!!! He made some contacts to fish the both of you out and placed a price on your heads but I accommodated slow so it was impossible for them to find him..He always told me he had a girl on the inside but I never knew who it was…….then suddenly,when I thought you were dead,you show up at my doorstep with a rifle gunning for trigger’s life,trigger knew you were the most deadly so he knew he had to get you out of the way hence the car bomb but we missed our opportunity to take you down…..It became too dangerous so slow bolted and I made a last effort to convince you of triggers treachery by telling him where to find your girl Alice……..he kidnapped her and I told you both would end up dead in the fracass…….But over some time,slow became increasingly violent towards me and we started having disagreements over how the money would be shared”…….I could hear a struggle in the background as the senator was pulled from his seat……the laptop camera was shifted in the fracass and pointed to the window where it recorded me pulling up with and running towards the senators house entrance with guns in both hands as the recording abruptly stopped………..My eyes had turned red during the viewing,tears fell from my eyes…..poor trigger!!!! He was never the bad egg,it had been slow all along and I was too blind to see it…..”so that was what really happened to the senator”,ashley said in a teary voice ……The senator was her uncle,the only relative she had ever had…….i scooped her up in my arms as I consoled her,”am so sorry sweety,if I had gotten there sooner,i would have stopped slow!!!!”…….she cried for a while and fell silent suddenly…….”where can we find the b—–d???”,she asked……..”dont you worry your pretty little head sweetheart,am working on it”,i said as she pounced on me once more with my mouth headed straight for her n—–s………

Updated: October 5, 2017 — 4:50 AM


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