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[Story] Blood For Blood – Episode 66

As I climbed the stairs upwards towards the room,there was only the silence of the staircase intermittently interrupted by the falling of my feet on the tile floor of the stairs as I admired the exquisite luxury of the hotel walls;the design,the painting and other luxurious artifacts lined on the opposite walls of the broad staircase…..I had chosen to take the staircase over the elevator cos I need the exercise…….i literally ran the rest of the way as I picked up pace to warm up my thigh muscles…..Finally got to the corridor which was my room floor…..Stepping into the corridor,i could hear s-x sounds coming from a particular room which was accompanied with the fluff and tuff of the bed beneath them…My eyes fell on the “do not disturb”sign hanging at the key card reader at the entrance of their room…..The hotel was mostly for honeymooners so I was not in the least surprised at the indiscretion at which they pounded away..I reached my room in no time and slotting the key card into the key card reader,the door slid open noiselessly to reveal the luxury room…A broad smile played on my face as I walked into the room and the air-conditioning hit my skin and sent chills reverberating all over me…..i walked straight to the shower and washed off the sweaty odour hanging on me.I walked into the room admiring my body in the wide mirror that adorned a part of the room……My eyes fell on a dvd player in the room as well as a playstation and a dstv decoder…….I suppressed the urge to game or watch TV as I reached straight into the bag I had brought with me and brandished the tape which was encoded on a blank cd……….I inserted the disc into the dvd player as the screen lit up and the senators face popped onto the screen…..He was wearing a mundane look on his face as he puffed continuously on the lit Cuban stick in between his fore and index fingers as he began to say,
“I hadn’t hoped it would come to this neither did I have to make this tape but I did when it became very obvious to me that I was gonna die,i know you have a lot of questions in your head and am gonna help you answer them”
Just then a knock sounded on the door…..I immediately pulled the tape out and tossed it under the bed as I scampered over to the door and opening I found the receptionist with her shirt buttoned down to the second button revealing succulent cleavage….My mouth watered as she spoke,”my apologies Mr greg but I have an issue with your payment”,what was she talking about??,as I looked out into the corridor,i could see the couple that had been having s-x earlier,they were standing at their door kissing and spooning….I now understood that she was just trying to douse their suspicions as I pushed my door ajar and allowed her in…..closing the door securely behind me,i carried her to the bed with my towel falling off as I went,i had a raging hard-on to contend with……..i stripped her bit by bit as her luscious and succulent b£easts tumbled out of their enclosures as I freed them and feasted on them with my mouth,she moaned frantically as she wrapped her legs around me…..I pushed her skimpy skirt upwards and bunched the material up at her waist as she pulled me up and placed her sexy delicate lips on mine as we kissed delicately almost like star-crossed lovers…..i cupped her b£easts with my hands as my rod brushed against her cleanly shaven,g-string covered snatch…..She disentangled herself from me and rid herself of her shirt and her skirt….she was so seductive to look at….My engorged member stood pointing upwards as I lay with my back on the bed….she climbed on the bed and astride she mounted and slowly lowered herself onto my raging member…..Her insides fit like a glove as a deep guttural moan escaped my lips,she was perfect!!!!! She leaned forward and her n—–s brushed against my muscular chest as she kissed me delicately as I placed both hands on her soft behind and started pumping into her with all the vigour I could muster…..she soon started making frantic moans as my phallus continuously brushed against her g-spot…..We went at it for five minute switching to missionary as she wrapped those long legs around me aand pulled me into the seductive confines of her mushy lips as she started wiggling and moaning erratically……In a while,our mixed fluids oozed out of her thoroughly penetrated snatch………she curled up against me and placed her jaw on my chest as she looked up at me….”where have you been greg???”….This was ashley,the most dangerous female assasin I had ever met and for her to be in the hotel,it means she must have a high profile target in which case was me this time according to my reasoning,one could never be too careful……in her sexual orgy,i had disarmed her and lined up her weapons neatly on the nightstand……we had fallen in love in my jay days but had decided to leave each other to ensure our safety……I could still see love in her eyes…….”ashley,i need to ask you a question???”……..what happened to Sophia? And why do you want to kill me???………..a wicked smile played on her sexy lips as she looked across the bed to the nightstand…..”blood,you never change!!!!!,Am here for Sophia not you”

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