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[Story] Blood For Blood – Episode 65

I was still bandaging my wounds when Alice suddenly appeared on the TV screen,she was being led out of a hospital by a coalition of both police and army officials………I knew they would regard her as a high-priority witness for the mere fact of having found her in my car……….How stupid I was to get the innocent young girl into this mess………commander lescott wasn’t gonna let anything past him on his manhunt for me……I knew that more than anybody……I hoped to see alice,i missed the smile on her face,i missed the taste of her lips,i missed the care in her eyes and most of all….I missed the sound of her voice…..I picked up my phone and dialled sophia’s number…..It wasn’t going through.Had been trying her number since the warehouse bust-up but I hadn’t gotten hold of her or anybody that could point me in her direction……..that was the least of my worries……A text had come in from shege threatening to trace me to wherever I was if I didn’t show up to claim responsibility for what happened to cigaro……Those things bugged the s–t out of me but first I had to get to a secure location before doing anything ‘cos my cover had been blown and the attention of the military had once again been drawn to the outlanders……..There was little I could do from this motel without being caught hence I needed to get a viable disguise as quickly as possible.d–n!!!! I hate it when I have to let my beard grow but the occasion warranted it and there was nothing I could do to counteract that……..there were pains all over my body suggesting how badly I needed to get some rest..I took some tablets of morphine,threw them in my mouth for the pain and drifted into a deep sleep…………..
I woke a few hours later,washed my face in the bathroom,dropped to my arms and had a full set of press-ups till my arms ached after which I popped into the shower coming back fresh after a few minutes…….I had bought a hood on my way to the motel……putting on a face cap and the hood,i slung my back pack over my shoulders and made my way out of the motel after paying off my bill……The receptionist looked sternly at me but her frown dissolved into a smile as I pressed a #4000 tip in her palm……I made a quick detour to the pharmacy on the other side of the road from which I picked up a supply of epinephrine……I knew by now that I couldn’t go back to my house,it was the first place they’d look for me….I made my way to the bus stop and boarded a bus with a destination in mind!!!!,sophia’s hotel…..few minutes later I alighted in front of the hotel and walked into the reception amidst suspicious stares from the security men…walking up to the receptionist,i asked her,”excuse me,can I see the guest staying in room 204?”.”uhhhmmmm”,she hummed as she stroked the keys of the desktop sitting infront of her,”sorry that guest has checked out!!!!”……where could Sophia have gone to??…..”ok!!! I’d like to book that room”i retorted as she produced the keys in acknowledgement of the wad of cash I was waving in her face……”is there any other thing you’d need sir???”,she said flashing me a seductive smile…….”well,when you get off your duty post,you can come up to my room and find out what you can really do for me!!!”,i said with a slight Leer on my face…..she agreed and called a porter to help me with my bag but I declined as I walked towards the stairs with only one thing on my mind,getting to that room and playing senator Collins’ tape….I looked back to see the receptionist still looking at me and smiling…..I smiled back.It turns out being on the run wasn’t so bad after all as my rod stared in my pants…….

Updated: October 5, 2017 — 4:48 AM


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