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[Story] Blood For Blood – Episode 64

As I stood in the senators office……one thing was for sure……I had made a horrible mistake in whatever I had done……From the look of things I had done someone’s dirty work for them and there was no foretelling what the consequences would be…….I looked down at the corpse of the senator which perused in a thick pool of blood on the ground…..I couldn’t think of anything to do or say………I heard some noise towards the main gate…….Peering through the window,I could see army vehicles driving into the compound at top speed……That wasn’t what scared me though!!!! Someone had spotted me and looking through the window of one of the army vehicles was none other than commander lescott…He had been tracking us for years now and from what I could see,it was obvious someone had tipped him off that something had happened to the senator and knowing the kind of interest commander lescott had in the case,he was obviously very quick to respond…….”get him”,he shouted at the top of his voice pointing to the window through which I was looking as he spotted my parked car with trigger dead inside and his brain matter splattered all over my dashboard……I came to my senses and sticking the tape in my hand into my pocket…..I made my escape plan…….I could see them getting Alice out of the car,she was now awake,but I had no time to observe what they were really doing as I bolted to the nearest window……Jumping through it…..I landed in the senators garden…..fortunately for me the shrubbery was high enough to both break my landing and hide me once I had landed……I lay still in the shrubbery for a while as a group of soldiers came running through the garden towards the back entrance of the house to block any possible escape plan they thought I would have……I smiled at the fact that they thought I was still in the house….They kicked the door in and went in guns blazing……As soon as they were out of earshot……I ran to the nearest fence and pulling myself up with my hands,i jumped over and landed in the next compound..My shirt had torn as I jumped prompting me to pull the bloody shirt of my body and orchestrate the rest of my escape with just my singlet…….hours later I was sitting in a motel room with a first aid box binding my cuts and dressing my bruises when the news came on…..My picture was on the top left with the caption…”senator Collins assassinated…….assassin on the run” followed by commander lescott’s stern looking face affirming that they would soon have me in custody and urging the general public to report any sighting of me to enable them track me down quickly!!!…..I stopped for a while as I watched the news with my mouth wide agape….What had I walked into?

Updated: October 5, 2017 — 4:46 AM


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